Unusual Signs of Hormonal Imbalance You Shouldn't Ignore

Unusual Signs of Hormonal Imbalance You Shouldn't Ignore

Hormonal Imbalance

In common words of a layman, ‘Hormonal Imbalance’ simply means the excess or deficit in the quantity of certain hormones in our body. It affects both the genders and usually the women in their 40s and early 50s deal with it. Majority of the women are unable to observe and analyze the symptoms they face of hormonal imbalance. We bring to you some unusual signs of hormonal imbalance below that you should observe and be careful about.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance:

1. Weight Gain/Loss:

Precipitous gain or loss in body weight is one of the common observed signs. Some people feel hungry all the time and keep consuming food during the Hormonal Imbalance complication that could also result in the weight gain.

2. Fatigue:

Fatigue and loss of energy problems despite proper sleep and good amount of food indicates the danger of Hormonal Imbalance. Sweating can also be followed along with fatigue. Mood swings are also accompanied by fatigue in many cases. Feeling of bodily exhaustion on regular basis can also lead to digestive problems further complicating the Hormonal Imbalance issues.

3. Irregular Sleeps:

If you are unable to sleep well and face sweating problems during night sleep, you need to consult a doctor specialising in Hormonal Imbalance cases. It may make you temporarily insomniac. Irregular sleeps may also add to the issues of fatigue during Hormonal Imbalance.

Irregular Sleeps,Hormonal Imbalance

4. Hair Loss/Gain:

Sudden loss of hair from head and body parts is a danger sign indicating Hormonal Imbalance. Other symptom could also be the increase of body hair and also development of thin layer of moustache and beard on women face.

5. Irritation:

Irritation and itchiness on skin is a leading symptom of Hormonal Imbalance. Fatigue and mood swings too contribute to irritation at such times and emotional irritation increases as well. Depression is also a side-effect of this in many delicate cases.

6. No Interest in Sex:

Hormonal Imbalance surely causes the lack of interest in sex in women during the period. Fatigue, irritation, mood swings, gain or loss of weight and hair and several other factors contribute to this symptom.

7. Sweating:

The increase in body heat and various chemical changes taking place inside the human laboratory causes excessive sweating during Hormonal Imbalance. It can be observed during sleeps as well in some cases.

8. Digestion Problems:

Your body facing digestive problems on regular patterns, and causing gastro and acidity problems, surely indicates the signs of Hormonal Imbalance along with related symptoms.

9. Sensations:

Chilling sensations in body or on tongue are also a sign of Hormonal Imbalance issues. Some women may feel electric shock sensations as well.

10. Infertility and Irregular Periods:

Women will go through infertility and irregular periods during the cases of Hormonal Imbalance. This would lead to mood swings, no interest in sex, anxiety, depression, fatigue and other related symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance.

Diseases Caused by Hormonal Imbalance:

The complications of Hormonal Imbalance causes some diseases in the patients. Following are some of the diseases caused by Hormonal Imbalance.


Battling depression, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue and other problems, many subjects consume alcohol regularly in large quantities causing Alcoholism problems.

Alcoholism causing Hormonal Imbalance


Increase in the number of allergies by the subject is another disease developed in the Hormonal Imbalance span. The allergies may vary from homely odours to food items and dust and untidy surroundings.

Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia:

Increase and decrease in the blood sugar levels causes the diseases of Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia respectively in the patients facing Hormonal Imbalance.

Cold Hands and Feet:

Thinning of blood in the body during Hormonal Imbalance causes the freezing of hands and feet.


Pregnant women may face various internal complications during Hormonal Imbalance and all that sadly lead to miscarriages.

Heart Attacks:

Weight gain or loss, fatigue and other difficulties of Hormonal Imbalance may lead to Heart Attack among some subjects over a period of time.

Addison’s disease and Cushing Syndrome.

Causes of Hormonal Imbalance:

1. Age: Age is the most common factor of Hormonal Imbalance. Usually women in their 40s and 50s face it.

2. Breast Cancer Risk: The risk of breast cancer is one of the generally observed causes of Hormonal Imbalance among several women patients across the globe.

3. Obesity: Obesity causes unusual weight gain which is a symptom of Hormonal Imbalance.

4. Birth Control Pills: Consumption of birth control pills by teenage and early 20s girls increases the chances of breast cancer leading to hormonal imbalance over a period of time.

5. Genetic Causes: Some women inherit the problems related to Hormonal Imbalance since birth and face it later in their lives.

6. Stress: High amount of stress causes Hormonal Imbalance over a short span of time in both genders.

Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance:

1. Exercise and Yoga:

It is one of the easiest treatment for Hormonal Imbalance. Breathing exercises, suryanamaskar, jogging and cycling for an hour or two daily will reduce the symptoms and risk of Hormonal Imbalance. Set a regular routine of it.

Exercise and Yoga reduce the symptoms and risk of Hormonal Imbalance

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acid:

After consulting a doctor, do consume the supplements of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Or else fish, soya bean, olive oil, walnuts are also rich with Omega 3 Fatty acids required for your body to prevent Hormonal Imbalance.

3. Vitamin D consumption:

Milk, eggs, fish are rich source of vitamin D. With Doctor’s consultation, supplements can also be consumed. Exercise or walk in morning sunrise is also advisable.

4. Coconut Oil:

Consumption of coconut oil daily helps immune the body against the symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance.

5. Restrict Intake of Meat:

Beef, mutton, pork should be avoided as much as possible. Lean meat needs to be consumed instead.

6. Water:

Consume eight glass of water (minimum) daily so that body maintains the immune system necessary to fight against Hormonal Imbalance.

7. Diet and Meal Planning:

There needs to be a strict schedule and daily plan for the meals and the items to be consumed, which are advisable.

Diet and Meal planning Hormonal Imbalance

8. Herbs:

Try consuming herbal tea instead of coffee and caffeine items. Use herbal veggies in salads and food items whenever possible.

So, as we learn, the symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance can be overcome with a proper diet, routine exercise, sound sleep, avoidance of coffee and alcohol, and intake of supplements on Doctor’s approval. Prevention is better than cure. So it would be better to exercise and have a planned proper diet to avoid any sign of Hormonal Imbalance and lead a long happy healthy life. Better to avoid all the ailments caused by Hormonal Imbalance than go through the procedures prescribed

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad