Arkaya Awareness Centre, Mount Road

Arkaya Awareness Centre, Mount Road

E5, 1st Floor, 599, Gemini Parsn Apartments, Mount Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600006


  • Stress and its symptoms
  • Ergonomics, body alignment, postural habits
  • Neuro-postural programming
  • Diet management, sleeping and breath patterns that might cause tension.
  • Inter-relatedness of body, emotions, mind and intellect.
  • Perceptual awareness
  • Befriending the Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Conscious Choices.
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Breaking the loop of unhealthy habits. Optimizing energy.
  • Releasing anger and depression
  • Having a vision for ones life
  • Relationship management. 
  • Yoga


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Both Male and Female

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