Can Castor Oil Make You Blind?

Can Castor Oil Make You Blind?

Can Castor Oil Make You Blind

Castor oil is one of the most popular ingredients for ayurvedic medicines. All ayurvedic remedies, especially the ones dealing with eye ailments definitely involve castor oil. This is mainly because of the magical properties of this oil. From red itchy eyes to cataracts, castor oil works wonders for the eyes. However, there are certain myths saying that castor oil makes you blind. Is it true? Does castor oil have any bad effects on your eyes? Read on to find out.

Can Castor Oil Make You Blind?

There has been a lot of debate going around regarding the effect of castor oil on eyes. While most consider it a highly beneficial ingredient, the other school of thought is against the use of castor oil for eye products. After conducting various researches it has been concluded that castor oil does no harm to your eyes. However, if there is excessive use of the same, it can be dangerous. It is always advisable to go for organic varieties made for treating specific ailments available in the market. Castor oil might cause slight irritation in eyes as you put it, but there is no chance that castor oil can damage your eyes.

How To Use Castor Oil For Eyes?

There are several varieties of castor oil available in the market. The best way to find a suitable match for your eyes is to consult your ophthalmologist before using any product. This will not only ensure safety but also help you gain the benefit of this magical ingredient better. After various researches, it has been proven that cold pressed castor oil, which has organic seeds pressed without the use of heat, is best for eyes. There are varieties of these also. So, consult a specialist before using any product.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Eyes

From treating redness in eyes to cataract, castor oil is one charmed ingredient which every ophthalmologist recommends. There are natural healing properties of castor oil which makes it so beloved. Below is a list of benefits castor oil has for eyes:

1. Castor Oil For Cataract Treatment

Cataract is a medical condition which is quite common these days. Several kinds of cataract can be treated only by surgery. However, for other milder conditions, castor oil proves to be valuable. By just putting a drop of castor oil in each eye every night using a sterile eye dropper, you can improve the condition to a great extent. Castor oil can also be used as a relief giver post surgery.

2. Treatment Of Puffy And Swollen Eyes

For all those facing the problems of puffy eyes, castor oil is a good remedy. Just by taking a few drops of castor oil on your fingertips and applying it on the puffed region below the eyes every night before going to bed will show guaranteed results.

3. Removes Dark Circles

If dark circles are making you look dull and look underconfident, it’s time you treat them well with the wonderful castor oil therapy. All you need to do is take a few drops of castor oil on your fingertips and rub the tips together so as to warm the oil a bit. Then apply this oil under your eyes before going to sleep. The following morning wash your face with lukewarm water. Repeat this easy exercise every day and you will surely see the miracle results.

4. Castor Oil For Reducing Wrinkles

The healing properties of castor oil make it a highly popular ingredient for helping in reducing wrinkles around the eyes. The best way to use castor oil for treating wrinkles and fine lines on the face is to first wash your face with rose water. Then after patting your face dry, apply castor oil on the wrinkles under eyes using your fingertips. The oil will get absorbed by your skin. Repeat this process every day until you see visible results.

5. Makes Eyes Beautiful

Castor oil helps to boost the growth of eyelashes and makes eyebrows thicker. All you need to do is massage drops of castor oil on your eyelash or eyebrow and wait for a few minutes. Post that, if you want you can wash your face to clear the extra oil or even if you let the oil stay, it won't be a problem. Regular use of castor oil for eyelashes can give you those dreamy long lashes! However, it should be noted that excess use of castor oil on eyelashes might cause irritation in eyes for some people. If you face any such symptoms, then it is recommended that you visit your ophthalmologist before using it any further.

6. Prevents Eye Infections

castor oil can be used as a replacement of your medicated eye drops which you generally use as prevention. Castor oil has properties which help prevent eye infections like conjunctivitis. Putting a few drops of castor oil every day in your eyes before going to bed can really help. It gives you the same results which your medicated eye drops would have given but the best part is, this natural ingredient does not have any side effects.

Apart from being a magical element for treating your eye problems, castor oil does wonders for your skin and hair as well. It’s a natural ingredient which removes the possibility of any side effects. It can be considered a saviour for all your eye, skin or hair related problems.

For all those who are still not using this wonderful product because of myths like castor oil makes you blind or damages your eyes, it’s time they consult a specialist. Castor oil is not worth missing. You should definitely make it a part of your daily schedule to relieve your eyes from all the stress and gain other benefits of castor oil.


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