Fit Foodies Mantra, Vikas Puri

Fit Foodies Mantra, Vikas Puri

Flat no. 57 Gangotri Apartment, F-Block, Vikas Puri, Delhi, Delhi - 110018

We interpret scientific studies and translate nutrition science into practical eating advice.The team of fitness experts at Fit Foodies Mantra is passionate about nutrition, health, food and living an active lifestyle. Our analytical skills keep us up to date with latest nutrition research.Being at the top of your health game is not about eating boiled food, hitting the gym and taking supplements.  To our belief, health revolves around cultivating a lifestyle based on balanced nutrition and proper exercise.We as nutritionists don’t believe in the concept of ‘a glove that fits all’, rather we understand that every single individual is special. Every person has a specific body type, blood group, structure and strength; each one has specific dietary habits, intake capacity and taste palette; as well as a specific lifestyle and social nature. We feel everyone has a common concern and that is to be fit, eat well and live long.



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