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Go Moringa is a weight loss diet clinic that takes an innovative approach on health & fitness and offers an interesting way to safely and scientifically reduce weight and change your life! We’re here to motivate and educate you on how to imbibe healthy calories according to your lifestyle and food preferences.

Dr. Priyatma Srivastava is well qualified and experienced Nutritionist and Dietitian in Gurgaon whose concept of providing and treating various lifestyle diseases through healthy diet management is the source behind Go Moringa Clinic which offers various services - Weight Loss Diet programs, Weight gain , Healthy Diet for Pregnancy, Therapeutic Diets for chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity ,PCOD, Depression , Thyroid and many more.

Go Moringa makes use of health professional that diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems with tailor made individual solutions for all its patients and customers. This clinic provides individualised advice and help for people who are looking to make healthy changes for better living and concerns about general nutrition.

Go Moringa is really the result of wanting to offer real, the focus is to provide practical help to people who struggle with their weight and general physical problems.Under her guidance, This clinic has provided dietary solutions to more than 1000 patients and genuine support to build a community of living healthy the right way.

At Go Moringa Clinic you can be sure of individualised ‘tailor made’ advice, just for you. Whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain or dietary treatments to solve medical ill conditions. No fad diets or prescriptive programmes to follow.



Go Moringa’s Weight Loss Diet Programs are effective and have been charted out under the professional guidance of experts in Nutrition and Dietitian. Go Moringa provides healthy ways to lose weight.


Go Moringa’s diet plans are dedicated to help one in gaining healthy weight and maintaining overall health management leading healthy mind and body.


Go Moringa provides Body and Figure correction strategies to make one slim and fit through recommended medically proven ways of healthy eating and intake of essential nutrients and vitamins which aids in inch loss and make one feel happy.

Therapeutic Diet

At Go Moringa, Dietitian and Nutritionist uses scientific research on health diseases and food and brings up with practical guidance on how and what to include in healthy diet as a therapy to cure various lifestyle diseases by making appropriate dietary and food changes.


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