Grow Fit Grow Strong

Grow Fit Grow Strong

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It’s human nature to focus on what you’re good at, which is not always what you need. Sport training has evolved worldwide with cutting edge technology and the use of science. Through continual interaction between scientists and coaches has ensured evolution of an ability to obtain high-quality data that can be used to accelerate an athlete’s development, performance and reduce the risk of injuries. All this can be achieved without placing excessive demands on the time or other resources of coaches or athletes, achieving improved reliability and high performance.

Remember; each of us has a different physical, psychological & development need, we must recognize, accept and improve them.

List of services

  • Athletic programs – young kids (8-15 years)
  • Sports specific fitness assessments
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Sports specific fitness training
  • Sports physical therapy & rehabilitation
  • Sports science clinic
  • Injury management workshops
  • Talent identification and scouting
  • School & institutional programs

Keeping the fun going

Sports is about fun and enjoyment. Remember the first time you went out to play (any sport), it was never about winning but about enjoying. The best in sports has been achieved not by merely focusing on the targets and goals set by the achievers but equally by sustaining the fun and enjoyment in their chosen sport, that helps them persevere through the times when it gets tough. Understanding the science of sports helps both in enhancing the fun component and as well in improving and managing our performance beyond the sole criteria of "winning" or becoming a "one event wonder".



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