How To Stop Sugar Cravings With Nutritional Supplements

How To Stop Sugar Cravings With Nutritional Supplements

Best nutritional supplements to stop sugar cravings

Extremely common amount people, sugar craving is a strong urge to eat sweet things and the person is not able to control from eating sweet foods. Sugar cravings are more commonly seen in women as compared to men. There are various reasons for sugar cravings. It may be due to the imbalance in gut bacteria, deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins, the inability of the body to effectively metabolize sugar or the habit of the body to ignore other sources of energy such as proteins and fats. Some of the best pills to stop food cravings effectively prevents binge eating.

How To Stop Sugar Cravings With Nutritional Supplements?

Various prescription medicines for sugar cravings are available but the condition can also be effectively managed through the following supplements:

1)  L-Glutamine

Supplementation with L-glutamine is effective in stopping the sugar cravings. Not only it stops the sugar cravings but also improves gut health. The supplementation can be taken in the form of a capsule or in powder form by dissolving it in liquid.


The daily dose of L-glutamine is 500 mg daily for 2-3 months for stopping the sugar cravings.

2)  B-Vitamins

Sometimes, the sugar craving occurs due to inadequate supply of the carbohydrates to the body due to incomplete metabolism. This results in an increased urge to supplement the body with carbohydrates. Thus, the idea is to properly metabolize the carbohydrate available within the body. For the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, various chemical reactions are required. B-vitamins helps in maintaining these reactions.


Approximately 50-100 mg of pyridoxine should be supplemented for reducing or preventing sugar cravings.

3)  Chromium

In many people, the carbohydrates are not properly metabolized in the body due to reduced insulin sensitivity. Chromium helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity of the cells and helps the metabolism of carbohydrates. This results in preventing sugar cravings.


The general dose of chromium is 200mcg daily to improve carbohydrate metabolism.

4)  Proteins And Fats

Protein and fats are also important sources of energy. However, the body is in the habit of getting energy from the carbohydrate due to a diet low in proteins and fats. This increases sugar cravings when the body needs for energy.


Sufficient amount of proteins and fats should be added in the diet to prevent dependency on carbohydrates as an energy source.

5)  Gymnema Sylvestre

This compound is also known as sugar destroyer in Ayurveda. It is highly effective in preventing the sugar cravings.


However, the only problem is its high dose which is approximately 2-4 grams three times a day.

6)  L-Tryptophan

One of the main reasons for a sugar craving is the low level of serotonin. Thus, the supplements are used to increase the serotonin level.


L-tryptophan, in the quantity of 500 mg to 1500 mg daily is effective enough to raise the level of serotonin and preventing sugar cravings.

7)  Resveratrol

Resveratrol increases the insulin sensitivity of the cells and helps to increase carbohydrate metabolism. Further, it is a potent antioxidant and significantly reduces oxidative stress.


A dose of 50mg to 100mg is effective enough to prevent sugar cravings.

8)  Fish Oil

Fish oil supplementation makes the stomach feel full thus reducing the chances of binge eating and sugar craving. Further, fish oil also helps to increase the level of serotonin in the blood leading to reduced sugar cravings.


Approximately 2 gm of fish oil is required to get the optimum benefit.

9)  Lipase

The requirement of energy in the stressful condition directs the brain for sugar craving. If the other sources of energy i.e. proteins and fats are effectively used by the body, the need for carbohydrate or sugar significantly reduces. Lipase is a supplement that helps in the metabolism of fats and helps to convert it into energy.


The optimum dose of lipase is 500 mg to 1000 mg once or twice daily.

10)  Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid helps in stabilizing the level of sugar in the blood and prevents it from dropping suddenly. Without any sugar drop, the chances for sugar cravings are very less


The quantity of lipoic acid sufficient for preventing the sugar cravings is 100mg to 200 mg daily.

11)  Magnesium

Supplementing magnesium for sugar cravings improves the condition. Magnesium is essential for regulating the process of sugar metabolism and insulin activity. Further, it is also required in the regulation of dopamine, a neurotransmitter. Deficiency of Magnesium leads to intense sugar cravings.


Supplementation with 400 mg of Magnesium is sufficient to manage deficiency.

12)  Probiotic supplementation

The gut contains both good and bad bacteria. The dominance of bad bacteria causes disease. These bacteria feed on a high quantity of carbohydrates that leads to sugar cravings. Probiotic supplementation keeps a check on the bad bacteria and reduces sugar cravings.


The dose of probiotic is 1 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per day.

13)  Cinnamon

Cinnamon supplementation provides freedom form the sugar cravings through two mechanisms. Fist it regulates the sugar metabolism due to which maximum sugar is available to the body thereby reducing sugar cravings. Also, both bacteria and fungi may increase sugar cravings and cinnamon has antibacterial and antifungal property.


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