Consume Slow Release Carbs at Different Times for Varying Benefits

Consume Slow Release Carbs at Different Times for Varying Benefits

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Carbohydrates are an essential part of any diet. In fact, no diet can be complete without the right proportions of carbohydrates in the same. Carbohydrates are nothing but chains of simple sugars. There are mainly two kinds of carbohydrates – slow carbs and fast carbs. To understand the difference between slow and fast carbs, it is important to know about glycemic load and glycemic index in the body. Glycemic index is calculated on the basis of how quickly carbohydrates in the foods increase the blood sugar. Glycemic load on the other hand is the measurement of how the carbohydrates are digested in the body. Both glycemic load and index help in ascertaining as how the body digests and uses carbs.

What are Slow Release Carbs – an Introduction?

Carbs with low glycemic index are considered as slow carbs. These carbs get digested and absorbed slower than carbs, which have a high glycemic index. Consuming these carbs has many health benefits and the main one is to keep blood sugar levels under control. Moreover, these carbs help in curbing appetite successfully, which leads to less calorie intake. Slow burning carbs are high on protein, lean fat and fiber content and are abundantly found in specific kinds of grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy foods and majority of legumes.

Why Slow Release Carbs for Runners are Useful?

Runners participating in marathons are recommended to follow a diet containing slow release carbs. These carbs will not only provide with long-term energy for the run, but also keep you full for the exercise period. Various kinds of changes take place in the body during running a marathon including changes in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Consuming slow carbs like pasta, whole grain bread, brown rice, vegetables etc on the night before the marathon prove to be really useful for runners. The glycogen levels in the body are at the peak and great energy is obtained for the run with consumption of slow release carbs.

How Slow Release Carbs Before Workout Help?

It is needless to say that working out requires abundant energy. And from where will you get the required energy? One of the best ways of gaining energy for the workout sessions is by consuming slow release carbs. Majority of people workout without eating the right kinds of foods and hence desired results are not obtained. It is important to eat the right kinds of foods before hitting the gym for workout sessions. The foods should have the right kinds of carbs and proteins so that constant release of energy can be obtained for successful working out. With the body properly fueled, great results are obtained from the workout sessions.

How Diabetic Patients Can Benefit from Slow Release Carbs?

There are talks and discussions that slow release carbs for diabetics are just excellent. Before you start a new diet with slow carbs, you have to know the benefits of the same for the diabetic patient. Slow release carbs are high on the fiber content. As a result, they take good amounts of time to get digested. There are two benefits of this. Firstly, one feels fuller for a longer period of time and secondly, the nutrients get absorbed in the body in a proper manner. The other most important thing about slow release carbs is that these help in keeping blood sugar levels under control. And this is the main point at which diabetic patients gain from slow carbs. Include whole grain carbs in the diet instead of starchy and processed carbs. Some excellent foods in this regard include brown rice, whole wheat pasta, low sugar-high fiber cereal grains, whole grain bread, cauliflower, sweet potato, rolled oats, yams, leafy greens, low sugar bran flakes etc.

Advantages of Eating Slow Release Carbs Before Bed

It is highly impressive to see that slow release carbs help in getting great sleep and therefore eating them at dinner is highly recommended. Slow release carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, bananas, pumpkin etc contain abundant amounts of tryptophan. This is a hormone which has relaxing effects on the body and helps the body to go to sleep. Melatonin production in the body is also enhanced in the body with consumption of oatmeal. This hormone helps in regulating sleep in individuals.

It is clearly evident from the above mentioned situations that slow release carbs are really useful for the body at different times of the day. Overall, these kinds of carbohydrates ensure that the body remains healthy and major health issues can be averted successfully. Choose slow carbs that suit you best and reap best benefits from the same.

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