Effects Of Sugar On Skin And Aging

Effects Of Sugar On Skin And Aging

Is Sugar Bad For Your Skin?

Who doesn't love sugar? Almost everyone loves sugar, maybe except for the few who have taken some extreme dietary measures. Recently, a scientific theory has been going around that is sugar bad for your skin as well as your overall health. While having a moderate amount of sugar can't harm you, having a high-sugar lifestyle will definitely contribute to some adverse effects, especially on your skin. In fact, sugar has been associated with a number of chronic diseases such as blood sugar. Today, we will discuss how sugar and bad skin are related. So, is sugar bad for your skin? Keep on reading if you want to understand more.

Is Sugar Bad For Your Skin?

One important thing you should understand about sugar is that it's a natural humectant - it draws moisture from the surroundings into the skin. If properly used, sugar is an excellent remedy for moisturizing or hydrating the skin. While sugar and bad skin are related to each other. So, Continue reading more to know the effects of too much sugar on skin.

1. Inflammation

When you eat sugary or highly glycemic foods such as carbs or a sweet cake, your blood sugar levels increase. In return, the body releases insulin to stabilize the high blood sugars. High production of insulin causes inflammation, which increases the chances of developing breakouts /acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments.

The inflammation breaks down elastin and collagen, which are the essential building blocks of the skin. They are responsible for keeping your skin looking youthful and elastic. More collagen and elastin breakdown usually cause deeper wrinkles to form.

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2. Sugar Suppresses The White Blood Cells

According to research, a high-sugar diet is said to suppress the white blood cells which are responsible for fighting off infections. This leaves your body vulnerable to infections that may cause acne or breakouts. The higher inflammation in the body also increases the production of cortisol, which improves skin oil production. Oily skin is another common cause of acne/breakouts.

3. Worsens Allergic Reactions

If you already have an underlying skin condition such as eczema, then having a high sugar diet will only worsen the situation. It weakens your immune system making you vulnerable to allergic reactions. It's therefore extremely important for you to cut the amount of sugar if you suspect that the sugar is worsening your condition.

Side Effects Of Sugar On Face?

While sugar isn't entirely bad for your body, it's a common factor that scientists have claimed to cause acne and breakouts on your face. As discussed above, sugar is both beneficial and bad for your skin. It all depends on how much sugar you are taking. If you are worried that sugar is negatively affecting your skin, then consider reducing the amount of sugar you take. Eliminating sugar and using acne treatment will help manage the condition. In most cases, however, the effects of sugar on skin and aging are closely related.

Is Sugar Causing My Acne?

According to studies, having diets with high glycemic indexes such as pasta, cake, and soda will cause acne. This is because they spike your blood sugar, causing more oil production and in return, cause acne. It also makes it easier for bacteria to enter and grow in the skin pores, thereby causing acne. Besides acne, too much sugar on skin has following side effects;

  • Puffy and loose skin
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Tired skin tone
  • Aging looking skin

What Happens To Your Skin When You Stop Eating Sugar?

If you have decided to quit sugar and live a healthy life, then there are plenty of benefits that will come your way. You can have some images of your skin before and after quitting sugar after a specific interval, such as one month. Check for the difference. Some great benefits you will enjoy include;

Heals Acne

According to studies, cutting sugar will clear out your skin and give you an acne-free and glorious looking skin.

Look Younger

If you reduce your sugar intake, you will automatically and naturally be reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aging on your skin. If you want to look younger, then cutting sugar is the best way to go about it.

Strong Immune System

Avoiding sugar will positively impact the health of your immune system. A strong immune system will be able to fight off any bacteria or skin infection, thereby protecting your skin against skin problems such as acne.

How Do I Detox From Sugar?

Cutting sugar can be difficult or very easy, depending on how you are taking it. Effectively cutting down sugar will mean that you won't consume any refined foods because most refined foods usually have hidden refined sugars. A sugar detox will help you to wash your system and rewire your brain to break the addiction. Although it might be a little difficult to entirely cut down sugar intake immediately, here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Drink More Water

To cut the sugar in your diet will require you to avoid sodas, fruit juices, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. You can substitute them with water instead. If you must have a set drink, then look for more natural substitutes such as honey. Additionally, water helps you to detox quickly by eliminating toxins through the skin and urine. Just make sure you have at least 8 glasses of water per day. However, there is no harm to drink more water if needed. Just make sure you keep it in check nit to exceed the maximum amount your body can handle.

2. Go Natural

If you want to detoxify fully, then reduce your toxic load. For instance, avoid substances that can interfere with your journey such as cosmetics, eating junk foods, going to polluted places, and much more. Consider taking walks on a green and friendly garden. You can also take short hikes to a safe forest and rivers.

  • Manage Stress Levels - One way is to avoid overworking
  • Rest and Sleep Better -According to studies, sleep deprivation craves for sugar and other sweet refined foods and drinks
  • Don't Skip Food - Hunger will cause more craving for sweet-tasting foods
  • Try intermittent fasting - It's the best way to detox your body from sugar properly. It will also help you rest better and reduce stress


Is sugar bad for your skin? Now that you understand, and it's upon you to make a decision that suits you. However, if you follow a high sugar diet, then I would recommend to cut it down to maintain beautiful skin and health as sugar and bad skin are inter-related to each other.


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