Nawabi Dawakhana

Nawabi Dawakhana

Mohalla-Satti, Near Jama Masjid, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh - 244221

Nawabi Dawakhana was founded in 1965 by Dr. Nawabi – A renowned Sexologist. He is qualified in Unani Systems of Medicines. His knowledge of Unani System of Medicine and Ancient art of healing Ayurveda. We have 85 Years of excellence in Sexual Medicine. We specialize in treating penis enlargement treatment, Erectile Dysfunction treatment, Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count treatment, Diabetes treatment Male and Female Infertility and other diseases. Nawabi Dawakhana is oldest manufacturer of Unani Medicine in india. We have provide unani medicine to the patients suffering from sexual problems.We take pride in offering a high level of relief and comfort throughout our practice.We are devoted and progressing towards providing most qualitative and pure formulations. With the passage of time we realized that people were suffering more with sex problems so we decided to take it up as my specialty and soon became an expert in treating people with sex problems. You should be careful when it comes to searching for penis enlargement medicine over the internet. This is because many fake sites and scams have been reported recently


Nawabi Ayuvedic medicine and Jafrani Tilla/ oil is 100% natural medicine and oil used for penis massage as it helps to increase penis size naturally. It is a unique herbal external application to increase penis size. Nawabi Ayuvedic medicine and Jafrani Tilla/ oil is made up of natural herbs and is a very good oil recommended for small penis size. Nawabi Ayurvedic medicine and Jafrani Tilla/ oil is wonderful natural formula for men who has small penis size and wants to increase the size of their penis naturally. Nawabi Ayurvedic medicine and Jafrani Tilla/ oil is used to massage the penis to improve its shape and strength. Men who suffer from weak erections may use this Ayurvedic medicine and oil everyday to increase the strength of the penis. Nawabi Ayurvedic medicine and Jafrani Tilla/ oil is natural penis massage oil that is absolutely safe and do not produce any adverse effects. Some men have small size penis due to some diseases, stress etc. But it is a natural solutin for their problem and they can get rid of weak erections if they will use this natural oil to massage the penis regularly. It provides nutrients to the tissues and cells of the male organ to improve its size and shape.।


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Cash on Delivery with India PostPlain box packing without any image or company name so that you can order it at your home. Pay cash at the time of delivery when your local post man deliver the parcel.संपूर्ण भारत में दवाई इंडियन पोस्ट से भेजी जाती है डाकिये से दवाई लेते समय रोगी को दवाई की मूल्य राशि नकद देनी पड़ती है। भेजने का चार्ज किसी भी रोगी से नहीं लिया जाता।कोरियर से दवाई मंगवाने के लिए रोगी को दवाई की राशि नवाबी दवाखाने के बैंक खाते में जमा करानी होगी। राशि प्राप्त होने के उपरान्त ही दवाई कोरियर से भेजा जाती है।