Oceanic Yoga, Anjuna

Oceanic Yoga, Anjuna

Opp.Manali Guest House, Starco Junction, Anjuna Beach, Panaji, Goa - 403509

At Oceanic Yoga we teach traditional Yogic practices and philosophy and we adapt these to modern lifestyles in a way that is natural, fun and highly effective. Yoga is all about the transformation of our entire being physical, mental and spiritual into a state of optimal functioning. We help and support this whole - person process during the training. We are committed to being a vital part of the emerging new humanity, which is the core purpose of Oceanic Yoga. We are proud to state that many students who have graduated from Oceanic Yoga are sharing their newly-acquired knowledge and wisdom all over the world, inspiring many people on the path of Yoga practice and Meditation.

Oceanic Yoga’s teaching team has a comprehensive view of the practice of Yoga that is grounded in the philosophy of the ancient Indian sage Patanjali (scholars estimate he lived approx. 2000 BC) who emphasized that the ultimate purpose of Yoga is quieting the mind. Once mind becomes quiet, then many doors open leading to deeper and deeper inner experiences on the path of Yoga. Yoga is a journey without any final goal–rather it is a never-ending process of spiritual growth. Keeping the body fit and healthy through the Asana postures, working with the breath though the Pramayana exercises, practicing daily Meditation and studying Yogic philosophy are the key elements of Yoga teacher training programs.

As Yoga practitioners, we are always striving to purify the body, mind and emotions so that one day students will mature into experiencing their “original face” as it is called by Zen one’s true and original nature where the purpose of our existence is revealed. On the path of Yoga and Meditation one will be always be a student known as “beginner’s mind’–since both are an ongoing process of spiritual growth and learning. But the rewards are worth the effort–through continuous practice and self-discipline, many new inner dimensions of love and light will open that enrich one’s life and that increases through sharing with others.


  • 200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • 500 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training Course 
  • 7 Days Yoga Meditation Detox
  • 7 Days Yoga Meditation Intensive
  • 7 Days Yoga Vipassana Retreat
  • 7 Days Pranayama And Meditation
  • Reiki Training All Levelsdaily
  • Yoga Drop In Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Classes For Children
  • Yoga Concentration Class
  • Meditation Classes
  • Yoga Obesity Classes
  • Yoga Pilate Classes


  • Mon - Sun : 07:00am - 06:00pm

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