The Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

The Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

High Metabolism Foods

When you want to lose weight and improve your overall health, increasing your metabolism plays a major role. A faster metabolism is helpful for digestion and burning off fat and those extra pounds even while you are sleeping. On the other hand, a slow metabolism can obstruct your efforts to diet and lose weight and leave you frustrated. Here are some great foods to help boost your metabolism and get you on your way to becoming fitter and healthier.

8 Metabolism Boosting Foods

1. Almonds

Almonds To Boost Metabolism

You should not go overboard with almonds because they have a high-fat content which will undo the boost they give your metabolism. However, according to research, almonds and other tree nuts are helpful as they contain essential fatty acids. What is great about almonds is that they taste great, so you can make them a snack to keep you full until your next meal. You can also add to them to a variety of main and side dishes as well as baked goods.

2. Beans

Beans are often recommended to people who want to lose weight because they have nutrient makeup that makes them have a highly positive effect on metabolism. You should definitely consider them if you have not already included them in your regular diet. Beans make an excellent side dish for most meals and you can also easily add them to chili and soups to make them more flavorful and robust.

3. Celery

Celery To Boost Metabolism

This is one of those diet foods that you see people eating unhappily instead of hamburgers and ice-cream. But including celery in your regular diet is a great way to get your metabolism going. It is thought to be a thermogenic food and contains high levels of calcium. You should try dipping celery in organic peanut butter so that you get a dose of essential healthy fats along with this well-known metabolism booster.

4. Cucumbers

Cucumber To Boost Metabolism

This is a great food to have if you are looking for a metabolism booster. Cucumbers are loaded with water, which makes them excellent for hydrating your body. They are also rich in vitamins, fiber, and nutrients, all with very low levels of calories. You can do more with cucumbers than just adding them to salads. You can use slices or sticks to make a nice side dish to go with sandwiches or wraps and also combine them with other vegetables for a healthy mix of deliciousness.

5. Ginger

Ginger To Boost Metabolism

You can make sure that you get more of ginger by using it when cooking other foods. It has loads of flavor and has been shown to have properties that increase metabolism. Toss it into your stir-fry dish or you can use it with boneless and skinless chicken breast, vegetables like carrots and celery and spices to make a meal that burns calories and holds you over for many hours.

6. Lemon

Lemon To Boost metabolism

Adding a slice or wedge of lemon to your water not only makes it taste better but also helps in cleansing the digestive tract. You do not have to go on a crazy Lemonade Diet or take such drastic measures and you should remember not to depend on lemons or any other of these foods to greatly affect your metabolism. However, they can all work in tandem with each other and by increasing your daily exercise, you will get positive results very soon.

7. Spinach

Spinach To Boost Metabolism

This veggie gives you a good dose of Vitamin B which results in a more productive metabolism. Apart from this, spinach is also excellent for muscle function. If you do strength training exercises, it will help your muscles recover and this, in turn, will give you a faster metabolism. This is because it will give you better muscle mass which in turn burns up more calories, even during sleep.

8. Spices

Spices To Boost Metabolism

There are many spices that are well known for boosting your metabolism. Some that you should consider include black pepper, mustard, curry, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Keep in mind that you do not need to eat them by the spoonful to get the results you want, but do not use them too sparingly either. If there are foods on this list you are not fond of, you can add some punch to them with these spices and give your sluggish metabolism a much-needed boost.

Increasing your metabolism is important, especially if you want to lose weight and be fit and healthy. Adding these foods can help you give your slow metabolism a good kick and get it going to give you the results you want, whether it is to burn calories or simply improve your overall health.