Vitamins That Can Cause Constipation

Vitamins That Can Cause Constipation

vitamins that can cause constipation

It is quite a well-known fact that lots of people across the globe now consume various kinds of vitamins and supplements. Some of the most common items which are consumed include calcium supplements, multivitamin-mineral products, fish oil supplements, omega-3 supplements and all nowadays people had started consuming nutritional supplements to stop sugar cravings. It is believed that the intake of these vitamins and supplements helps in ensuring the overall health of individuals. The deficiencies which cannot be met with normal foods are compensated with the consumption of supplements and vitamins.

However, many people might not know there are side effects of many supplements and vitamins as well. There are many vitamins that can cause constipation. Apart from this, other kinds of serious and severe side effects can be caused by intake of different kinds of supplements and vitamins. Therefore, before starting any kind of vitamin or supplements, it is recommended to seek medical advice. All kinds of items are not suitable for all body types.

Vitamins And Supplements That Cause Constipation

Vitamin D

Deficiency of Vitamin D is one of the most common deficiencies which is seen in people nowadays. It is one of the most important vitamins required for the normal functioning of the body. This vitamin is found in food items like fish and eggs. Deficiency of Vitamin D is often compensated with the help of Vitamin D supplements. This vitamin is actually necessary for maintaining normal levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. Along with this, vitamin D also plays an important role in cell growth and also boosts the immune system considerably. However, there is a harmful side effect of taking in Vitamin D supplements. Overtaking of the supplement leads to constipation and various other problems like weakness, poor appetite, nausea, and weight loss.

Vitamin C

One question asked quite commonly is does vitamin C cause constipation? Well, there are mixed reactions to this question. While some opine in affirmative, some say no. Vitamin C has innumerable health benefits and it helps in keeping the body fit and fine. However, overtaking or undertaking the vitamin might lead to various kinds of side effects. While overtaking it might cause loose stool, too much of deficiency of vitamin C might show slight symptoms of constipation. However, it has not been confirmed completely. Thus, before taking vitamin C supplements, make sure that you consult a good doctor so that he can fix the dose for you as per your body needs and requirements.


It is evident from the name that multivitamins contain different kinds of vitamins along with minerals and other components. It has been seen that the mineral contents in the multivitamins cause constipation in many people. Iron is a common ingredient in the multivitamin supplements and it is a major source of constipation. The same theory is applicable for calcium as well. People who have issues with bowel movements should be very careful in choosing the kinds of multivitamins that they take. They must consult a doctor and say about their bowel movement issue before starting taking the supplements. Along with the vitamins and minerals, many multivitamins also contain plant compounds, herbal extracts, and other ingredients. Many people cannot tolerate these ingredients and various kinds of side effects crop up, constipation being a primary one.

Prenatal Vitamins

For the growth and development of the fetus, various kinds of vitamins and minerals are important. Some of the most important ones among them include folic acid, iron, and calcium. It is quite evident that during the time of pregnancy pregnant women need more nutrients and nutrition so that both the mother and the baby has good health. This increased need for nutrients is met by intake of prenatal vitamins. The best thing about these vitamins is that they are available as over the counter medicines in any medicine store. There is no need for any prescription for acquiring these vitamins. However, various kinds of side effects have been reported to develop from intake of prenatal vitamins. Some of the most common side effects include stomach pain, constipation, peeling skin, diarrhea, easy bruising, severe headache and pain in different joints in the body.

Getting Rid Of Constipation Caused By Vitamins or Due To Other Factors

It has been seen that there are times when one needs to take in vitamins to meet the nutritional deficiencies in the body. And the problem of constipation also exists. In such cases, you have to learn the various ways in which the problem of constipation can be dealt with successfully. Mentioned below are some simple ways in which the problem can be solved to a great extent

Refrain From Having Any Kinds Of Synthetic Vitamins

Instead of popping in vitamin supplements and pills, try taking in more foods which are rich in vitamin. There are whole food supplements like fermented cod liver oil, desiccated liver, and Young Living’s MultiGreens, which abound in natural vitamins. Taking these will never lead to constipation and will be safe from other kinds of side effects as well.

Include Essential Oils In The Diet

Essential oils come with their own sets of benefits. Most importantly these oils play an important role in maintaining and supporting a very healthy digestive system. Using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils is recommended for treating constipation. Some oils in this category include tarragon oil, ginger oil, peppermint oil, fennel oil, anise seed oil etc.

Drink Plenty of Plain Water

This is probably the easiest and healthiest way of dealing with the problem of constipation. Drinking water helps in diluting the toxins in the system and they become easy to be removed from the body. Increase your water intake and you will see that problems of constipation and many other things get cured completely.

Including Healthy Fats In The Diet

The body needs all kinds of nutrients for keeping healthy. Including healthy fats in the diet in the form of coconut oil, raw milk, and butter, fish oil, pastured meats etc. can help greatly in dealing with the problem of constipation caused due to vitamin supplement intake.

Now that you know, avoid vitamins that can cause constipation and lead a healthy life.