10 Tips to Help You Lose Pregnancy Weight

10 Tips to Help You Lose Pregnancy Weight

lose pregnancy weight
Women can gain excess body weight owing to many reasons. However, pregnancy is a physical condition that can make any woman gain weight naturally. While some women succeed in discarding excess flab gained during months of pregnancy, others fare worse. They struggle to get rid of those ugly layers of fat that accumulate in body parts like waist and hip. However, you can surely shed the pregnancy weight after your baby is born by resorting to right measures. You need not switch to typical diets and plans followed by celebrity moms like Uma Thurman or Gwyneth Paltrow! With the right blend of exercise, lifestyle and dietary changes you can soon regain the pre pregnancy figure and svelte form.

Below Listed Are a Few Tips That Will Help You Shed Pregnancy Weight Effectively:

1. Get Moving:

A lot of mothers feel weary when they think about working out after delivery as it is. While you need not do hardcore exercise, becoming a couch potato is not going to help! You can resort to walking and light jogging everyday. You may use the neighbourhood or an adjacent park for this.

2. Breastfeeding:

Doctors have always said that mothers need to breastfeed their infants and this benefits both parties. By breastfeeding your toddler, you can burn 500 calories or more per day.

3. Weight Lifting:

Weight lifting helps you in multiple ways post pregnancy. It enhances metabolism, helps you burn calorie and also tones up your muscles. A number of women cope with sagging or loose skin after delivery.

4. Yoga:

Yoga may be helpful if you find hardcore exercises or hitting the gym difficult after childbirth. Specific yoga postures can be practiced at home that will help you discard excess fat.

5. Watch What You Eat and Drink:

You need to be a little careful in this department. Discard all sources of saturated fat and trans- fat in your meals. Instead, eat plenty of fresh green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meat. Control portion of your meals as well. Discard drinking OTC fruit juices as they contain excess amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Make fruit juices and smoothies at home with less sugar.

6. Adequate Sleep:

Like every human being, new mothers need adequate amounts of sleep to remain healthy and get rid of excess fat. When you get the required amount of sleep, your body’s metabolism process reaches its peak. Take naps when you deem it suitable. If you do not sleep well, you will not get enough energy to work out the next day.

7. Snack Healthy:

Apart from main meals, you also need to watch what you munch during snack breaks or unplanned hunger pangs. Avoid the temptation for fast and fried foods. Make it a point to avoid eating burgers, mayonnaise laden pasta, candies and cookies. It will be a good idea to carry dry fruits and low fat dairy products with you when you go out. Eat high fibre foods as snacks as they help keep you full for a longer period.

8. Join a Group of New Mothers:

If you find it hard to stay motivated to lose pregnancy weight on your own, join a group of new mothers who are pursuing the same goal. It will help you shed excess weight more easily.

9. Drink Plenty Of Water:

Everyone needs to drink lots of water to flush out toxins and stay fit. If new mothers drink lots of water, it helps them stay full and avoid hunger pangs.

10. Get Help:

If you find losing excess weight post childbirth has become tedious and nothing is working out, seek medical help. You may need special supplements or hormonal treatments to deal with the issue.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad