9 Drinks That Can Cause Abortion

Drinks That Can Cause Abortion

Now you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. Many of the women remain unaware that what she should eat or drinks during pregnancy. It is an advised for women once they missed a period, they should go to doctors for checkup whether she has conceived or not. If yes then there are many questions comes in the mind that should I eat this or should I don’t.

Because there are many things from which pregnant women can have a miscarriage in their early pregnancy. Even many women often think that drinking hot water can cause miscarriage. It is advised for pregnant women’s don’t take alcohol as it can cause a miscarriage.

What Is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a physiological process of development of the fetus in the maternal body which starts once female conceived. There are many terms given to define pregnancy like gestational age or menstrual age.

Now it comes in mind how you are going to count your gestational age? It is the time since first of the last normal menstrual period (LNMP), which actually starts at the time of egg fertilization. This gestational age is counted as a completed week. For pregnant women, she has to carry her baby in her uterus for at least 280 days or 40 weeks which is full term pregnancy. This 40 weeks or 9-month pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. One trimester has 3 months.

During this whole process, there are many changes takes place in the female body for the development of the fetus. For the female who has conceived first will experience more changes than the women’s who has conceived more than one. So she should go to the doctor regularly and take advice and take proper care of herself till her date of delivery.

But not all women’s has a full-term delivery, many have even premature delivery between 20 weeks and 37 weeks, while most of the women’s suffering from abortion in early months.


Abortion means that end of pregnancy. It can be natural by own or there be certain factors which can be responsible. It mostly occurs within 20 weeks of gestational age.

Most of the women’s have a miscarriage during their first trimester of pregnancy, which is why pregnant women’s are advised for a regular checkup. Abortion is not only one type, but it also depends upon the situation.

Why Abortion Happens:- There are many causes which leads to abortion, this is why it is said that pregnancy is a very crucial time for women.

Abortion Occurs Due To

  • Any hormonal defects
  • Any infection to mother, or due to ill health of a mother
  • Lifestyle, which plays a major role. Taking excess of caffeine, alcohol, smoking can cause miscarriage in an early month.
  • Any trauma.
  • Females of more age. (in the late 30s)

As today our lifestyle is much modernized so first things come in mind is what drinks should be avoided during pregnancy to avoid abortion.

Drinks That Can Cause Abortion

Pregnant women’s should avoid these drinks during pregnancy which are


Alcohol is not good for healthy persons so how it can be good for pregnant women’s. Alcohol intake in pregnant women’s suffers from miscarriage in early pregnancy. With this there can be many abnormalities can occur in the fetus if pregnant women will not stop taking alcohol, then born baby can be

  • Stillbirth
  • A child can with many physical disabilities
  • A child can have low IQ level due to which child behavior can be abnormal
  • A child even can have any malfunctioning organ or there can be any defect in any organs.

If during whole pregnancy still, she continues drinking alcohol than a fetus can suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome disorder in which the child can have many problems during his whole life. These problems are:-

  • A child can be born with a small head
  • Can have an abnormal face with difficulty in vision
  • Can be underweight and height
  • Hyperactive child
  • Attention deficit
  • Delayed milestone
  • Learning disabilities
  • Poor intellectual and judgments
  • Many organ abnormalities

How Alcohol Affects Fetus

When a pregnant women drinks alcohol than some of the alcohol passes to the fetus from placenta through blood. Due to which the growth of the fetus stop as fetus organs are not developed like us to process it. This ultimately leads to the miscarriage. This risk is much higher in women’s who are a heavy drinker.


Many women’s during their early pregnancy desire for many things and can have an aversion for many things. So they can even have a desire for coffee. But according to the research, for a pregnant woman who consumes an excess of caffeine have a high risk of miscarriage. For pregnant women’s even two cups of coffee or even moderate amount increases with the risk of miscarriage. In two cups total amount of caffeine is about 200 milligrams.

How Caffeine Affects The Fetus

Whatever things we eat get metabolized in our body. But in pregnant women’s the rate of metabolism is lower than the non-pregnant women’s. So when a pregnant woman drinks coffee it takes a long time to get metabolized which in turn go to the fetus body through the placenta. As fetus organs are under development so their elimination of caffeine is very slower. And due to high caffeine content in mother’s body, it alters the hormonal changes which required for the growth of the fetus and this leads to miscarriage.

So it is advised for pregnant women’s not to have beverages like tea, coffee, black coffee which have caffeine.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks like coke, dew, Pepsi contains caffeine in it which in excess intake causes abortion. Some pregnant women’s for their unwanted pregnancy drink an excess of soda and cold drinks which causes self-abortion. Coca-cola drink contains 32 mg of caffeine while diet coke has 42 mg of caffeine.

These drinks cause retardation in the growth of the fetus as caffeine in cold drink goes to the fetus through the placenta. Which fetus is not able to metabolize easily can damage to parts of the fetus and ultimately miscarriage occurs. This caffeine also acts as a diuretic which causes excess loss of water.

Chocolate Shakes

During pregnancy many women’s desire for chocolates. These chocolates contain caffeine which in turn again causes damage in the health of fetus as well for a mother if taken in excess. This can even lead to miscarriage. A small amount does not produce harm. This all depends upon the consumption. One should know the amount of caffeine is present in chocolate.

  • 50 g bar of plain dark chocolate contains almost 50 mg of caffeine
  • 50 g of milk chocolate contains about 25 mg of caffeine.
  • While white chocolate does not have any caffeine in it.

So it is advised not to consume shake which has chocolates it can produce low birth weight and has a high risk of miscarriage.

Pineapple Juice

Pregnant women’s are advised not to drink pineapple juice in their whole pregnancy duration as it can cause abortion.

The Reason Of Abortion:- Pineapple contains an enzyme which causes the dilatation of the cervix by producing the prostaglandin in the body. This dilatation is one of the reasons for abortion.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is good for health in a normal person. But it is not advisable to take aloe vera juice in pregnant women’s. This juice contains anthraquinones which are used as a laxative and this laxative cause’s contraction in the uterus which in turn leads to abortion and heavy pelvic bleeding. This aloe vera is not advised to take in whole pregnancy time.

Raw Dairy Products

Raw dairy products like milk, cheese, mozzarella are not advised to consume in pregnancy as these contain bacteria in it like Listeria monocytogenes which causes diseases and leads to abortions.

Hot Water

Many pregnant women think that drinking hot water in pregnancy can cause miscarriage or not? It is advised to drink Luke warm water during pregnancy. As the hot water contains high minerals in it which pass through the placenta and goes to fetus body and these high minerals are very dangerous for the fetus as it causes miscarriage. Drinking Luke warm water hydrates the body and prevents from dehydration.

Above are the drinks which should be avoided during pregnancy which can cause abortion. With these there, many other things should be avoided like processed meat, seafood, eggs, drumsticks, papaya etc.

Pregnancy is a very crucial time every female. More care is to be taken during the first trimester as miscarriage is mostly occur in early pregnancy. Women’s who are habitual for alcohol must avoid it totally during pregnancy as alcohol can cause miscarriage and various deformities, while hot water drinks are also not advised to drink during pregnancy it can also cause miscarriage. It is advised for pregnant women’s that they should go for regular checks for a healthy pregnancy and for normal and healthy delivery.