5 Signs He is the Right One for You

5 Signs He is the Right One for You

Is he the right one for You?

Being smitten by some so-thought of ‘Prince Charming’ and losing your heart under brittles is definitely something none of us would ever want to go through. While your ‘instincts’ may guide you through the light and dark, but there’s usually a little more needed when it comes to deciding who to think the world of.

So, if you are trying really hard to figure out ‘who exactly Mr. Right is for you’, then here’s some help from the wand. We have listed below some sure-sure top signs to discover if he is the right one for you. Well, you can definitely bet your bottom dollar on – after all, who wants to take chances with this one in life? Take a look.

Sign 1: He Respects You

Well, we are not running around the bushes here. But honestly, respect should undoubtedly be at the top of the qualities list – when you are trying to determine if he’s the perfect one for you. So, if the guy in your life treats you with respect and listens to your feelings and concerns, you know he is the right one from the lot. You could also notice if he appreciates you, values your opinion, respects your individuality and is willing to compromise (when it’s needed). However, you should ensure that your relationship has respect flowing from both the ends.

Sign 2: He Has ‘Most Of The Qualities’ You Are Looking For

Alright, this might sound more of a cliché but it holds great significance when it comes to determining the right partner. If your guy has all the qualities that you have ever always wanted in a partner, then he certainly is the right one for you. You can, in fact, jot down the positive traits you would want in a partner. This will not only help you scrutinize your priorities in qualities, but will also help you establish a strong connection with your partner.

Sign 3: You Share The Same Values

While many tend to overlook or sideline this, but it’s very important to determine if you and your partner share the same values in life. Hence, throw in some self assessment questions and figure out questions like – what do you value most or what principles shape your life? Once answered, you can always discover if your partner shares the same values. If yes, then he’s definitely the right one for you and if not (in case that happens unfortunately), then it could sure be of an alarming sign.

Sign 4: Your Intuition Tells You

Your heart can never go wrong – especially when it’s about deciding your true mate. Thus, give some time to analyze and figure out the feelings of your heart as well as the signs of your intuition. However at the same time, make sure that your decision is not solely dependent on it. Although you can always bank on your intuition to guide yourself, but ascertain to never make it the deciding factor. As they say, you just know it if he’s the right one for you.

Sign 5: He Lets You ‘Be You’

Last but probably the most important one to remember, if he lets you be yourself – then he might just be the right one for you. If the man in your does not appreciate you or accept you for who you are, he might be not the one for you. Thus, try and notice if he really values you and does not complain for your flaws and weaknesses. This could seriously be a huge deciding factor in picking up the ‘right one’ for your life. As it’s said – if he loves you for who you are, you know he’s the one!

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad