5 Ways to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

5 Ways to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

How to lose weight for your Wedding?

So, your ‘The Day’ is punching the clock and you are rifling through if anything could really help you taper off those extra fat bags on your body? Well although the journey to ‘slim and pretty’ figure asks for some straight-laced tricks, but you can always do it without being a starving bride.

We have picked up some of the healthiest yet ‘not so’ cumbersome tips and tricks to help you lose weight right before your wedding. After all, a perfect bride is not just about sliding under those gorgeous gowns, but also about having a healthy body and mind. Take a look!

Drink Water

To get started with getting your ‘dream’ figure for your wedding day, make sure drinking enough water tops the list. Although you can sip in diet soda once in a while, but ensure that you are getting your fill right on water. It will not only help your body get rid of those harmful toxins, but will also help you trim down. In fact, drinking a good amount of water (around 8 glasses) could help you steer clear of over-snacking episodes. You can even add in some lemon and honey to treat your taste buds while winding down your weight.

Slim Down Servings

Whether you believe it or not, but the size of your servings certainly matters a lot when it comes to weight concerns. Hence, make sure that you are not indulging in gargantuan servings or too many servings in a day. To stay bushy-tailed yet right on your weight scale, you can start with small portions of your meals. In fact, gobbling down four to five small or moderate meals a day is healthier than having two mammoth-sized meals during the day.

Pick Healthy Menus

By meals, we do not mean just about ‘anything or everything’. Make sure that you are picking up on a healthy and nutritious diet for optimum health. Try to fill up on fresh vegetables and fruits every day and cut down on those unhealthy fattening substances. You can always carry some fresh juice cans or boiled veggies in a box to consume (if you are working or have running feet). This will basically help you stay in fine feather while avoiding those fattening treats.

Limit Alcohol

Yes, you have to do this one as well – if losing weight for your wedding is something you are wanting. Thus, ensure that you limit your alcohol intake as much as possible. Save the cocktails for your special occasions. In fact, even better, just cut down on your booze for a healthy lifestyle choice. This will contribute greatly to helping you achieve a hale life and avoiding those unhealthy calories. However if you feel the urge, you can always try something non-alcoholic or alternative beverage to save yourself.


Last but not the least; exercising can undoubtedly help you lose those unwanted flabby parts right before your wedding. So, try to indulge in a regular exercise regimen to tone down and stay as healthy as possible. You can either take a soothing walk for sometime or simple indulge in twenty minutes of exercise every day. Running, swimming and cycling are some other options to get your hands on. Besides boosting your energy and fitness level, exercising will help you stay positive and rejuvenated in life. And off course, not to forget, it works wonders for shedding extra inches.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad