Chase Away Misconceptions With The Best Fat-Burning Breakfast

Chase Away Misconceptions With The Best Fat-Burning Breakfast

Chewing the (burnt yet residual) fat:

With fat-burn now becoming more a fad than a true quest for health, something becomes very apparent within the mainstream fitness sector:  The true motive behind is plain flat-lining. This is a part of casual bodybuilding where most of the advices have now started sounding like taking your pick from an assorted candy box, so the next highly anticipated set of instructions also do not make it beyond a few days. What you really need is a logical approach to the game.

What turns things sluggish?

It is partly because of a restricted diet, which is enough to turn people depressed (this is not only psychological; there is a physiological part to it, too); partly, because workouts tend to get boring after sometime. However, with the right kind of food, metabolism can be gunned once more, which shall set right the frame of mind to hit the weights once again. And the best part is, the new food pattern shall help shedding away some (actually, quite some) amount of the fat that grew back in the past few days.

The problem with food recommendations:

Most of the wise suggestions on foods frightfully jump back and forth between trying to sound healthy and trying to sound tasty; seldom do they make both meet. In their futile attempt to straddle both sides of the fence, the good words just fail to stake their territories on either side, leaving readers confused. Overall, the ideas lack guts, except for them who just got started in the fat-loss domain. For the rest, they turn out hackneyed and superboring, enough to plain dissuade an entire lot looking forward to move on to the next stage. And nothing is perhaps as painful as a flat disappointment after a period of high anticipations.

Making the breakfast:

Breakfast itself jumpstarts metabolism and chilled water boosts it further, if on an empty stomach. It guns metabolism since warming it up requires the body to burn calories. Next is green tea (catechins); it’s better than coffee (caffeine).

Only the mentally ill who doesn't realize what a disgrace they are to decent, normal people looking forward to shed unwanted fat would ask you to discard eggs, butter, cheese or whole milk. Fact is: Without the required amount of saturated fats, you won’t be making any testosterone and thus, won’t burn much fat. Moreover, saturated fat increases HDL-C along with LDL-C, but knowing the limit is all that matters. Same goes with protein (it makes the body spend the most amount of calories to get digested) and also, limited, complex carbs.

With all that collective wisdom, it's time to figure out what makes best for a fat-burning breakfast. So, onwards to some generic delicacies; you may vary them at will and unleash new tastes everyday:

  • Omelets: Eggs are high in protein, yet low-carb and with an assortment of green vegetables and meats into the mix you get a balanced amount of nutrients. Throw the yolk away (as per common belief) and there shall go half the nutrition along with. Rotate the veggies and the meat to avoid boredom or add little amounts of cheese, butter and even, whole milk. Be creative and don’t forget to add lots of garlic, onions and some black/cayenne pepper. Use sea salt instead of common salt.

  • Smoothies: All it takes is piecing up and seeding the fruits and throwing them into a blender. Bananas, papayas (ripe ones), black grapes, water melons, cucumbers, mangoes, apples…the list is virtually endless. Some add curd and whey to the mix; however, best is not putting all your eggs (sorry, fruits) in one basket but to rotate them. Additionally, one may also add rock/sea salt and ginger to the mix.

End notes:

  • The food must feel you up comfortably; avoid stuffing yourself as is there’s no tomorrow.
  • To burn fat effectively, you must embrace animal source protein and fat. Without that, things can’t get too far.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad