Different Hair Removal Methods

Different Hair Removal Methods

Different Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal can be permanent or temporary, depending on your preferences. Also, the prices usually range with permanent hair removal methods being expensive as compared to the temporary ones. Here are 4 hair removal methods worth trying out;


This is a great way to get rid of hairs in almost every part of your body. Although waxing may be painful, it is an affordable hair removal method. It involves applying wax on top of the hairs then swiftly ripping it off from the roots either using a cloth strip or without. The experience will be very painful for a first-timer but if you solely rely on it as your primary hair removal methods, the hairs become finer over time and it becomes less painful. For waxing to be successful you need to allow the hair to grow at least to the quarter of an inch before your next waxing session.


Laser hair removal is a method that uses light to detect pigment and destroy the hair roots. This method is a permanent one and may take around 6 to 12 weeks for excellent results. However, laser hair removal has these side effects and may not be suitable for everyone. While darker skin tends to get burned, removal of blonde or white hair may not be effective. The method works well when the hair is darker with a lighter skin tone. The advantage of laser hair removal is that it can be done from home and you don’t always have to visit the clinic.

Depilatory Creams

This is one of the cheapest hair removal methods, with the depilatory creams costing from $4 to $14. The depilatory cream works by dissolving the hairs on top or slightly under the skin surface. The cream is then wiped off after a few minutes of application then rinsed off. After application, you will most likely experience a tingling experience but it is recommended to stop and wash immediately if you feel any burning or irritation because it means your skin is sensitive to the cream.


Through an electric current electrolysis gets rid of the hairs by destroying the roots at the hair follicle. In fact, electrolysis has been approved by the FDA as a permanent hair removal method. This hair removal method works by removing every single strand of hair and is suitable for any skin type. Quicker results will be visible in smaller areas as compared to larger areas because of the mechanism it uses to remove the hair and due to this, sessions may range from 15 to 30 for optimal results.

To Wrap It Up

There is nothing wrong with trying out more than one of the above hair removal methods if you are not sure what works for you best. If you are uncomfortable with one method, try the next until you find one that you are okay with. Plan a budget to help you make a decision on the best option affordable to you and also consult the best trichologist near to your area for the better option.