Food for a Healthier Smile

Food for a Healthier Smile

They say that a smile can light up the world - it is a well-known fact that everybody wants to have a great smile, but what does it take to actually acquire one? One has to do a lot more than flossing and brushing in order to maintain good dental hygiene because everything that goes into the mouth has an effect on the health of the gums and teeth. There are certain foods which one can consume in order to have a healthier smile and also to ensure that a positive dental report is received on the next visit to the dentist.

Gum diseases, plaque, stains and bad breath are factors which deteriorate the aesthetic value of one’s smile. Therefore, it would be beneficial to include yoghurt in the daily diet since it contains ingredients that can combat the buildup of bacteria responsible for causing oral problems of all types. According to research, those who consume yoghurt four times a week or more are less susceptible to mouth cavities. It is best to consume unsweetened yoghurt, but if you have an aversion to bland yoghurt then honey can be added for sweetening it courtesy of its ability to fight bacteria.

The path to having a great smile starts with a healthy mouth. By including seafood in the diet, it is possible to accomplish this objective. This is because seafood is rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids which are known to reduce the chances of occurrence of gum diseases. Seafood is also effective for treating inflamed gums since it subsides the swelling caused by bacteria in such cases.

In order to have a healthier smile it is also recommended to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Some examples of such fruits are apples, carrots and celery. The reason why such foods should be consumed is because they stimulate the secretion of saliva, which has antimicrobials that do a great job in fighting oral bacteria. Moreover, chewing crunchy fruits and vegetables also improves the blood circulation in gums by massaging it.

It is sad as to how infamous and disliked the humble but useful broccoli is because it can benefit us in a number of ways, including improving our smile. Broccoli is a good source of iron, which creates a protective barrier on our teeth and shields them when we consume acidic drinks and foods.

According to research, Vitamin C is responsible for keeping the gums healthy. Thus, it is advisable to consume fruits that contain a significant amount of Vitamin C, like a grapefruit, a pineapple or an orange. These fruits act as natural teeth ‘whiteners’. Cheese is another food that should be consumed for a healthier smile. Not only is this delicious milk product a great source of nutrients, Vitamin D and calcium, but munching on these delightful items can neutralize the acid which strips away the enamel of our teeth. Thus, your pearly whites can be even pearlier when you consume these foods.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad