10 Foods That Cause Painful Gas

10 Foods That Cause Painful Gas

Filling up of the stomach by painful gas is caused by certain foods that cause the same painful gas. The stomach of a person tends to feel swollen and enlarged, once they have eaten, any of the foods known to cause this painful gas. The pain from the swollen and enlarged stomach, once these gas causing foods are eaten, is due to the gas or any other digestive conditions that the person may be suffering from.

Many people have always complained to have suffered from painful gas from the foods they have taken and are known to cause the same. They even go ahead to complain it regularly that they have the painful gas. It may be at times not from eating foods that cause painful gas but due to a severe medical issue, and the food they eat is just a predisposing factor to this condition.

10 Foods That Cause Painful Gas

Foods that have been known to cause painful gas forages to include


Beans belong to the class of legumes which has a very high content of protein and healthy carbohydrates. The sugars found in beans known as Alpha-galactosides and which belong to a group of carbohydrates known as FODMAPs are the ones which cause the painful gas whenever a person eats beans.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Beans

Some people may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome when they eat beans, a type of a gas is formed when they ferment. It leads to the painful gas occurring, swelling of the stomach, turgidity, having cramps, and even having diarrhea.

Drinking Any Carbonated Drinks

They have been known to cause the irritating painful gas to people who have gut issues for ages. The high content of carbon dioxide which is already a gas by itself is swallowed together with the drink. The carbon dioxide gas remnants may be left behind in the digestive system causing the swelling and the painful gas to a person. This may be accompanied by someone suffering from stomach swelling and even having cramps which tend to make life uncomfortable.

Foods Made From Wheat

These foods made from wheat include cakes, pizzas, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, and so much more foods. Wheat has a substance known as gluten which is a protein in nature. For some people, especially those who suffer from a condition which is known as celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it always tends to cause severe gut problems whenever eaten. These gut issues include painful gas, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. It also contains FODMAPs which is a predisposing factor for painful gas.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Foods Made From Wheat

Other Cruciferous Vegetables And Brocolli

Broccoli included cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels, sprouts, and many more fall under the cruciferous category of vegetables. They only tend to cause the painful gas that swells up the stomach due to the fact that they too contain FODMAPs.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Cruciferous Vegetables And Brocolli


Although onions make a big part of many cooked meals, they have the probability of causing painful gas too. They contain a substance known as fructans that is a soluble fibre that is known to cause the production of the painful gas. This is more prone to those people who are known to be extra sensitive or cannot tolerate substances that exist in the onions.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Onions


Just like wheat barley contains the substance gluten. On top of this, it contains a large amount of fibre. These two substances in barley are the main causes of the painful gas in many people especially those who have intolerant guts to gluten.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Barley


Beer is mainly made from barley, maize, rice or wheat, these are all fermented to obtain the beer when combined with yeast and water. The carbon dioxide gas and these substances used to brew it which already contain high amounts of gluten in it increase the happening of the painful gas.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Beer


These are fruits that are known to have a very high content of fibre in them. Some people have complained to have suffered from painful gas once they have eaten apples. The fruits contain a substance known as fructose which is a type of FODMAP. These substances get to be fermented in the stomach which in turn leads to a person suffering from painful gas.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Apples

Dairy Products

Such as milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt, and butter contain the substance known as lactose which many people are incapable to digest since they suffer from an ailment known as lactose intolerance. When this happens the lactose accumulation in the gut leads to the painful gas occurring.

Food That Cause Painful Gas - Dairy Products


This is another type of legumes. The high fibre content in them leads to the painful gas occurring once a person eats them. They also contain the FODMAPs sugars which are known to cause the painful gas and swelling of the person’s stomach.

Foods that upset babies stomach while breastfeeding include caseins that are proteins that are found in dairy milk, any dairy products such as cheese, fermented cream, yoghurt, and ice cream, chocolates, spicy foods, citrus fruits such as tangerines, lemons, limes and grapefruits, gas-producing vegetables, for example, cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, onions, among others.

Foods that cause painful gas and bloating are such as beans and lentils, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and other vegetables on top of lactose mainly found in sugar. Fructose found in artichokes, onions, pears, wheat and many of the soft drinks.

Foods that relieve gas pain include meat, poultry meat, fish meat, eggs. Vegetables include lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, and okra. While fruits include such as cantaloupe, grapes, berries, cherries, avocados, and olives. Foods that naturally are a source of carbohydrates. For example, bread that does not contain gluten, bread made from rice, and rice.


A person who has a medical history of suffering from painful gas, which is caused by certain foods that cause the painful gas should always avoid eating such foods. When this persists they need to seek further medical advice from their doctor. This is due to the fact that painful gas may be caused by other underlying medical conditions.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad