Garlic: The Natural Wonder Drug

Garlic: The Natural Wonder Drug

health benefits of garlic

The Health Benefits of Garlic:

Garlic is undoubtedly a wonder drug with the medicinal properties it possesses and the health benefits it provides. The roles garlic can play in your life is unbelievable. Well You will agree once you read through this article.


Taking garlic regularly greatly helps in reducing skin infections like ring worm (fungal dermatitis). As it is a blood cleanser, it not only helps glow up your skin but also prevents blemishes of skin like acne, whiteheads, blackheads, boils, pimples etc.

One of the few things in life we would not mind getting delayed are wrinkles on the face. Garlic which is an antioxidant can be a good replacement to your aging cream. Just take 2 cloves of garlic a day and look younger with glowing complexion.


Garlic helps in reducing weight as it increases the metabolism rate.


Garlic regulates the insulin levels in the body and thus reduces the blood sugar levels.


Just including a few cloves of garlic in your daily meals will help lower cholesterol level. Garlic, which is an antioxidant, prevents Low density Lipo Protein from being oxidized and thus reduces cholesterol. Lower cholesterol implies healthier heart and therefore reduces the risk of a heart stroke. Garlic also regulates blood pressure by relaxing your arteries. That’s not all; Garlic also acts as a blood thinner (prevents clots) and thereby reduces the risk of a heart stroke and heart related ailments.


Garlic greatly helps in protecting you from digestion disorders like diarrhea, colitis, dysentery etc.


Garlic contains compounds such as Germanium, diallyl sulphide, allciin etc which are anti-cancer agents. It suppresses tumor growth and greatly reduces the risk levels.

General physician:

The very common problems we frequently suffer with are cold and flu. Just take 2 or 3 cloves of raw (cooked also will do if you don’t prefer raw) a day and you can be sure of good results. Garlic has good anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which will help against common infections and can also be used as an antiseptic for wounds. To get relief from earache one can put two drops of warm garlic oil in the ear. Garlic helps you fight against diseases as it increases your immunity and the main reason for this is the compound called Allicin present in garlic.

Garlic Side Effects:

  • Though there are many benefits, too much of anything would lead to undesirable effects. So, care must be taken to avoid the side effects caused.
  • Some people are allergic to garlic. Symptoms include headache and skin rashes. It is always good to take in small quantity to check if one is allergic to it and always desirable to consult a doctor if taken in high doses.
  • Garlic can aggravate asthma. People with asthma should avoid garlic.
  • As mentioned above garlic is a blood thinner which prevents the formation of blood clots. If taken in excess might lead to excessive bleeding and therefore advised not to take before surgeries.
  • If on medication, always ask your doctor if garlic can be taken simultaneously. It might lead to adverse condition if used with other medication.
  • Taking garlic might lead to bad breath and unpleasant body odor.
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