Healthy Low Calorie Snacks That Help Reduce Waistlines and Tantalize Taste Buds Too

Healthy Low Calorie Snacks That Help Reduce Waistlines and Tantalize Taste Buds Too

Low Calorie Snack Recipes

There is a widespread misconception that the majority of Indian snacks are actually not healthy. While the fried bread and lentil based snacks sold by the streetfood vendors are high in fat and calorie that is not true of all Indian snacks. It is possible to prepare easy low calorie snacks at home that are high in nutrients. These very low calorie snacks are not bland either and you can satiate hunger pangs with these dishes easily.

Below listed are some of the best low calorie snacks that you can prepare for yourself and the kids at home.

1. Mixed Fruit salad

Mix Fruit salad snack recipe

You can make use of seasonal fruits as well as fruits available all-round the season to make this salad. It can be ideal when you are thinking of serving low calorie snack foods to kids after they return home from school. You do not need to cook anything to make this very low calorie snack.

The Recipe

Make slices of mangoes, pineapples, bananas, papayas and watermelons. Mix them together in a bowl and spread a little pepper and shredded ginger on the bowl. In winter, use fruits like orangesand apples.

2. Low fat Paneer Wrap:

Low fat Paneer wrap snack recipe

This fits the bill when you think of ideal low calorie snack ideas. It can be prepared in a jiffy. You will need ingredients like Whole wheat flour, paneer, olive oil and vegetables like Onion, Capsicum, and carrots. For sauce you may take Pudina, Jeera, Coriander, salt and Ginger.

The Recipe

At first, you need to make a roti using the flour. Make cubes of paneer and slice and chop the vegetables. Then make chutney using the aforesaid ingredients. Fry the vegetables in a pan and later saute fry the paneer cubes. Sprinkle pepper and salt on the mixture. Now use the filling to staff the roti and apply the chutney inside.

3. Low Calorie Scrambled Eggs:

Low calorie Scrambled Eggs snack recipe

Egg recipes need not be high in calories at all times. However, using egg white is better for making low calorie snacks for work. You will need egg whites, salt, pepper and olive oil to make this dish. Vegetableslikechopped onion, green chillies, garlic cloves and coriander leaves along with condiments like tomato ketchup and soy sauce will also be needed.

The Recipe

Fry the garlic and onion in olive oil in a pan. Then mix all other ingredients in a bowl and pour them in the oil. Cook by stir frying. Cook until egg gets cooked properly. Serve it hot with whole grain bread slices.

4. Cucumber Raita:

Cucumber Raita snack recipe

It is among the low calorie snack foods that are ideal for eating in scorching summer evenings. You will need ingredients like cucumber, sour curd, spices like salt, green chili paste, roasted cumin and mint powder. You mayalsoserve the dish post dinner.

The Recipe

Grate the cucumber well and blend it with the curd at first. Then mix all the spices with the mixture using a spoon. Chill it in a refrigerator before serving.

5. Fruit Sandwich:

Fruit sandwich snack recipe

Have you become weary of the kids complaining about same vegetable or egg stuffing filled sandwiches, you give them for school or as an evening snack. Try this yummy and low calorie fruit sandwich and see them craving for more. You will needingredients like pineapple, banana, mango, whole wheat bread slices and low fat cheese. Spices like salt, pepper powder anda littleshredded ginger will also be needed. You may alter the fruits as per season.

The Recipe

Apply cheese on the slices of bread and place sliced fruit pieces as stuffing. Sprinkle the salt and pepper powder before closing in two slices to form a sandwich. Roast the bread slices a little in OTG or microwave and serve hot.

6. Oats Dosa:

Oats Dosa snack recipe

Dosa is a popular dish in South India and it is served both as snacks and a dish in main meals. If you want easy low calorie snacks oats dosa is an ideal option. You will need ingredients like rice flour and oats mixed in 1:2 ratio. The other ingredients are chopped green chili, salt, crushed ginger, curry leaves, cumin powder, oil.

The Recipe

At first, you will have to mix everything in a large bowl and pour water. Set it aside for some time and then mash everything well using hands. Then heat a tawa and pour some oil on it. Or you may also use a wide nonstick pan. Pour the mixture /batter as thinly as you can. Drizzling some oil by the edges does help. Fry both sides of the doss until they are brownish and crisp. Serve the dosa hot with chutney.

7. Cucumber Sandwich:

Cucumber Sandwich snack recipe

This is a low fat snack that can be prepared fast. You will have to use ingredients like sliced Cucumber, sliced onion, low fat cheese spread, whole wheat bread slices, Pepper Powder, salt and chopped mint leaves.

The Recipe

Apply the cheese spread on one side of bread slices. Place the onion and cucumber slices on the cheese. Now, sprinkle salt and pepper powder on top of the vegetables. Add a few mint leaves. Close two slices to form the sandwich. Roast it in OTG or a microwave oven for half a minute. Serve the sandwich, hot.

8. Upma:

Upma snack recipe

A popular dish in southern Indian states, Upma is quite delicious. You may choose it as among low calorie snack foods. You will need ingredients like semolina, vegetables like onion, garlic, potatoes, peas and capsicum. A few chilies, pepper, salt and oil will also be required.

The Recipe

At first, you have to wash and slice the vegetables into small pieces. Then roast the semolina on dry heat. Boil the potatoes, peas and capsicum separately. Then stir fry the ingredients like garlic, chilies, and onion for a while. Add the steamed vegetables to pan. Then add pepper and salt and boil everything using some water. As the water boils, add roasted semolina and stir until it is concentrated. Remove from flame and serve it hot.

These low calorie snacks are easy to make and yummy to taste. Try them today!