How to Dye Your Own Hair?

How to Dye Your Own Hair?

How to Dye your Own Hair at Home?

The right hair color can transform your looks and add confidence to your gait. Dyeing your hair at home saves a lot of time and money. For applying hair dye at home, the following steps are required:

  • Choose the right dye
  • Prepare your face and hair for dyeing
  • Conduct a strand test
  • Apply the dye
  • Rinse the hair
  • Touch up roots once the hair begins to grow out

Part 1: Getting Ready

1. Wash your hair 24 to 48 hours before dyeing: The natural oils that develop in your hair during this period, allow for more effective binding of the dye to hair.

  • If possible, avoid using a conditioner during this wash, as a conditioner eliminates the natural oils that are required for the dye to set in more easily.

2. Pick a color which you like: If you are new to hair dyeing, it is best that you stick to a hair dye that is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your own natural hair color.

  • You may also want to try dyeing with temporary or semi-permanent dye first. This way, even if you mess up, you will not have to live with the mistake for long. Keep in mind that a semipermanent dye has to be applied to damp hair.
  • Temporary dyes usually wash out after 6 to 12 shampoos. Semi-permanent dyes will rinse out after 20 to 26 shampoos. Permanent dyes generally last for six to eight weeks, but can sometimes last for longer

3. Protect yourself from dye stains. Wear old clothes which you are ready to throw away while dyeing. This is because it is very easy to get dye stain on whatever cloth you are wearing. Also, cover all surfaces around which are likely to get stained while dyeing with newspapers. Keep paper napkins handy to deal with spills.

4. Drape a towel or cape around your shoulders. This is useful to catch any dye that may drip off your hair during the dyeing process. It is better to use a dark colored towel or cape to avoid visible staining.

5. Brush your hair well. Ensure that there are no tangles left in your hair. This step will not only make applying the dye easier, but it will also help to ensure that the hair is evenly dyed.

6. Coat your hairline, ears, and neck before applying dye to your hair,. Applying a coating of lip balm, vaseline or a cream to the respective body part, will make it easier to remove any dye that may fall on the skin.

7. Put on your gloves. It is very important to wear gloves when dyeing your hair as otherwise the hands can get stained in the process. Gloves can be of normal rubber, vinyl, or latex.

8. Use a bowl to mix the dye. If the dye you have purchased does not provide a bottle for mixing, you will need to purchase a bowl to do the same.

  • Also, if a paintbrush is not provided, you can purchase one or just use your gloved fingers for applying dye.

9. Mix your dye with developer. This only applies to some dyes—please read the instructions on the box regarding a developer. If a developer is not provided, you may need to purchase one. If you need to purchase your own developer, choose a 20% developer.

Part 2 of 3: Dyeing Your Hair

  • Use a comb to separate your hair into four different sections. This will ensure that you don’t miss a patch of hair. You can use large salon clips to hold the sections apart.
  • Apply the dye to hair in sections. Break each section of hair up into smaller 1/4"-1/2” subsections and use the applicator bottle or brush to dispense the dye onto your hair. Use your gloved fingers to work the dye into your hair.
  • For first time dyeing, apply the dye about 1 inch from your roots.
  • For touch-ups, apply dye about ½ inch from your roots.
  • Set a timer for how long you need to leave the dye in your hair. Make sure you follow directions regarding the maximum and minimum time you should leave dye on your hair. If you have a lot of grey hair, it’s best to leave the dye on for the maximum amount of time.
  • Wipe excess dye off of your neck and forehead with a paper towel or wet cloth. If you want, you can put a shower cap on your hair to keep the dye from going everywhere.

Part 3 of 3: Rinsing Your Hair

  • After your time is up, use warm water to rinse the dye out of your hair. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Remember that if the dye is a temporary one, it will continue to run each time you wash, until it is completely gone.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair. Wait at least an hour before shampooing your hair. This allows the dye to penetrate your hair shaft more thoroughly. After washing, rub the conditioner thoroughly into all of your hair.
  • Dry your hair and style as usual. You can blow dry your hair or allow it to air dry. You can now style it as you would normally do.
  • If you are unhappy with the way your hair has turned out, you can see a hair stylist. It is also advised to wait for at least two weeks before deciding to color again.