How to Gain Weight on a Vegan/Non-Vegan Diet

How to Gain Weight on a Vegan/Non-Vegan Diet

How to Gain Weight

With the epidemic of obesity making headlines frequently, it is a little difficult to believe that there is a segment of population that wishes to gain weight but requires guidance on how to go about it. The advice for such individuals is same as that provided to obese people, namely dietary changes made in accordance with the need of the hour.


If you are a vegetarian and have often witnessed your weight gain plans being thwarted, then including the following in your diet might bring positive results –

  • Carbohydrates in form of rice, oatmeal or bread must be consumed at every meal so much so that they should account for 60% of your total calorie intake. Macaroni and pasta are also viable alternatives in case a change is required since these can easily be combined with several vegetables.

  • One of the biggest shortcomings of a vegan diet is its lack of protein and this can be overcome by making a conscious effort to consume nuts of all types as also a variety of beans.

  • Replacing normal milk with its soy counterpart and using peanut butter instead of normal butter helps in bringing about weight gain. Consuming walnuts and almonds as snack items is another effective dietary measure that not only aids the body in gaining weight but benefits it in numerous other ways too.

  • How about some healthy fat? Olive oil and avocado are some of the products that provide the body with healthy fat and hence can be resorted to. When combined with a reasonable helping of cheese, these definitely add to the weight of the person.

  • Making intelligent choices like drinking a glass of water an hour before any meal and avoiding empty calorie foods like potato chips enable the body to gather some weight.


Comparatively, planning a weight-gain diet for a non-vegetarian is definitely a tougher proposition and ultimately it comes down to choosing your food carefully. Types of food that you can include in your diet without running the risk of adding to the fat content and yet gaining weight are –

  • Lean meat, which can be either white or red, is a useful addition when you wish to put on weight without accumulating unwanted fat in your body.

  • Skimmed milk, either by itself or in form of a milk shake is another source that can help towards the objective of effective weight gain. Low-fat cheese and yoghurt are also good alternatives.

  • Whole grains and legumes of all types provide the body with strength and add to its weight without it being obvious.

  • Fruits and vegetables must be included in the diet because they enrich the body with a variety of nutrients that counter unhealthy fat and still enable the body to retain its weight.

  • By opting for fish and poultry you will not only be supplying your body with essential nutrients but adding to its weight in the most invisible manner. That does not mean that meat should left out altogether – it must be consumed once in a while and if grilled or broiled it is as healthy as any other form of fat-deficient food.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad