How to Handle your Kid's Temper Tantrums

How to Handle your Kid's Temper Tantrums

How to Handle your Kid's Temper Tantrums

Are you having trouble with your little one’s temper tantrums? Are you at a loss on how to handle them? Well, temper tantrums in children can be quite a challenge to handle and there may be times when you wish you could run far away from the screams! If only that were a realistic option! Tantrums are a way for little kids to let out their frustrations and of course, testing your limits as a parent.

No matter how bad you think your little one’s temper tantrums are, you should remember that there are effective ways to handle them. An occasional tantrum once in a while is acceptable as it comes with the territory but if your child makes it a habit, you need to nip it at the bud quickly! Making kids think that their tantrums are an acceptable behavior and letting them continue will only make things worse, so get ready to take some immediate action and learn how to manage anger in your child!

Tips on How to Manage Temper Tantrums

So your little one is kicking and screaming because you would not let him have his way? Is this a regular occurrence in your home? Well, it is time to handle the problem before it gets worse. Here are a few ways to manage temper tantrums in children:

  • Stay cool: It is importance that you do not lose your temper while your child is having a tantrum. This can be easier said than done but it is imperative that you keep a cool head! For many parents, it can be tempting to storm out of the room while their child kicks and screams but the outcome of this can be detrimental to the child. It can make him feel abandoned. So staying with him during his tantrum can be better as he will eventually calm down and you can hold him while you have a talk with him about his behavior.

  • Remind him who the adult is: Tantrums are a way for kids to try and manipulate you into letting them have their way. It is important that you stand your ground at all times and not give in to your child’s demands. It can be tempting to negotiate with your little one as he screams, especially when you are out in public, but it is a bad idea. Forget about what people may think of you and do not concede. Always remember who the adult is and who has control.

  • Use occasional time-outs: When you are trying to figure out how to manage anger in your little one, a time-out can be quite effective. This tactic can help immensely especially when other methods have not worked and the tantrum at that time is intense. Getting your child in a boring place for a few minutes can teach him a self-soothing lesson. Always remember to remind him that it is not a punishment but a way for him to calm down whenever he throws a tantrum.

  • Talk and reassure him: It is a great idea to always have a talk with your little one after he has thrown a fit. Use simple ways to talk about the reason for the tantrum and show him how using his words is a much better way to let you know what he is frustrated about. When he calms down, do not forget to always tell him that you love him. Reward his good behavior with a hug and an “I love you” so that he knows he can always talk to you about what he is feeling.

There will be trials and errors as you cannot use the same techniques to manage temper tantrums in children. Once you have tried out different methods, you will find one that is most effective for your child. When you have achieved this, it will be much easier for you to deal with your child’s fits of anger!

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Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad