Instant Face Lift Tricks

Instant Face Lift Tricks

The last thing to strike your mind at the end of a long, tiring day is a trip to the salon. But do not despair; all hope is not yet lost, as there are ways that can bail you out of last minute desperation for the perfect look. Here are simple methods and natural products that can be easily made at home in a matter of minutes, should karma finally get you! Follow these for an instant facelift right at home.

For The Glowing Skin

  • Beat an egg and a spoon of honey and apply it on your face evenly.
  • Cover all the areas of your face except around the eyes and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash off with a mild soap or gel (Preferably fragrant face wash to get rid of the egg smell, should there be any) and witness the instant change in the character of your skin.

(It will not only appear taut and radiant, but will also glow with energy for a long time.)

For The Fresh Look

  • Make a mixture with a half cup of milk and one spoon of honey and massage it gently in your face.
  • Use your forefingers to rub in circles, right from the forehead to the chin and leave the mixture on for ten minutes.
  • Wash off the mixture by gently cleansing your skin with a mild face wash or soap.

(Make sure you wash it off thoroughly as traces of milk left behind on the skin can attract bacteria fast and can result in a bout of acne. Pat the skin dry before applying moisturizer for a fresh, lively look.)

Homemade Scrub For Clear Skin

(Despite the availability of a number of excellent scrub gels in a variety of flavours, nothing can beat the potency of a good, homemade scrub.)

  • Mix two spoons of rice flour with four spoons of gram flour and one tea-spoon of turmeric.
  • Use the powder to gently scrub your face, while you can scrub the elbows, knees and ankles a bit more energetically.
  • Be careful not to scrub too much as it can harm your skin.
  • Wash away or shower with lukewarm water to feel instantly smooth and clear skin, once the scrub brushes away the dead cells.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad