The Worst Drinks While On a Weight-Loss/Detox Diet

The Worst Drinks While On a Weight-Loss/Detox Diet

Worst Drinks for Weight Loss

Drawing the Limits

Now, that’s bad; posing restrictions right at first brings in the scary feelings that often remain associated with the colossal task of abstinence, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong giving in to temptations once in a blue moon, provided you have the grit to pull the reins on that choco-shake the moment you arrive at the limit.

Sugar shoot-ups; caffeine-highs

That’s almost everything about it and betcha that’s gonna keep you away from the sweet, fizzy, bubbly, bottled stuff, but like it’s said, there’s more to the picture than meets the eyes. So, when you welcome back the energy and diet drinks (almost all of them), coffee and other sweet, non-carbonated fruit-flavored soft drinks on a regular basis amidst your existing diet pattern, it’s the beginning of a magnificent screw-up of all that goodness you achieved over the past few weeks, days or months. That’s turning the body back to its acidified state and kicking all that alkalinity out.

Who does what?

In a nutshell, both carbonated and non-carbonated sweet beverages are warehouses for calories; it’s strange how we take energy for nutrition! Dieting rests heavily (and only) on how to best nourish the cells and thus, overall health; so when, with every can, there goes in around 200kCal of energy (min. 140) especially when people are feeling bored and low, which is mostly during late afternoons and due to the metabolism turning sluggish. And those who are thinking about saving the day with diet colas or something equivalent are just blowing up the money; better drink water, herbal teas or organic fruit juices. The last one is again piled with simple (though natural) sugars, but still, a healthier option than caffeinated, fizzy drinks. Try stretching and a few, light exercises following the drink.

Caffeinated drinks mask symptoms of tiredness and pressurize an already exhausted system to gun forward, which is against the body’s natural response of slowing down for rest. Caffeine pushes while green and herbal teas rejuvenate and restore; when consumed in moderate quantities, even normal black tea added with moderate amount of sugar and full-fat, organic milk increase energy levels by several folds, keeping them from ebbing fast. That’s because of the generous amounts of protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus and omega 3 fats in it; which in turn, also increases immunity. And must you have alcohol, opt for red wine (Merlot, Port or Cab Sav); its high level of resveratrol and low calorie levels win hands down compared to lagers, single malts or single barrels. But then again, moderation is the key here as well.

The list continues:

Chocolate and crème blended beverages (the kind you get at Starbucks or similar other joints); expect nothing less than 500 calories and more than 400 mg of sodium for every 16 oz. going in.

Sports energy drinks; how much ever great they might feel after an intense workout, loads you up with calories, sodium and simple sugars.

Coke and Diet Coke are high in fructose from corn syrup and caffeine, an excellent formula for developing anemia, high cholesterol levels and enlargement of the heart in elder people while the younger ones have been noticed to suffer from retarded testicular development and functionality. Moreover, the Aspartic acid derivative Aspartame, the sweetener in diet coke, is a potent cause behind serious and chronic neurological disorders, especially in developing children.


Given that 75% of Americans suffer from mild, chronic dehydration due to all the harmful substances entering the body through all those tasty, fizzy drinks, nothing quite compares to plain, clear water; Nature’s own lubricant and detoxifier. So choose it whenever possible to stay clear from calories, artificial sweeteners and chemical colorings; it is bound to keep you free from unhealthy fat, sodium and acids. And when it gets in with green and black teas, it helps the antioxidants flow free and aids all the natural biochemical processes taking place within. The whole thing thus results in complete detoxification and that’s enough to keep you charged throughout the day without being dependent on caffeinated beverages.