Things To Help You Sleep While Pregnant

Things To Help You Sleep While Pregnant

Things to help you sleep while pregnant

Getting a good night of sleep while pregnant can be quite challenging. As the pregnancy progresses, the belly becomes bigger and bigger. Furthermore, the baby kicks also get stronger and don’t forget the urge to urinate frequently. Consequently, sleeping soundly during pregnancy can be a pipe dream since a lot usually comes into play. Here are a few essential things you should at least know.

1. Frequent Sleeping

Pregnancy comes with lots of tiredness and exhaustion hence sleep will be irresistible. Normally, the tiredness will be brought about by hormonal actions, low blood pressure, and low blood sugars. All these put stress on your physical body forcing you to sleep for long hours. The level of tiredness will be fluctuating during the course of the pregnancy. At one point you will feel extremely exhausted while at other times you will feel energetic.

2. Left-Side Sleeping Position

During the third trimester, sleep will be hard to come by and you will find yourself unable to sleep soundly. Around this period, you will be feeling rather uncomfortable in your sleeping positions. Before being pregnant, sleeping on your back or tummy was the norm, but now that you are pregnant the best position to sleep in is on your left side.

According to the National Institute of Health, sleeping on the left side during pregnancy has numerous advantages. First, there is an improved blood flow throughout the body. Second, the flow of nutrients to the baby is enhanced. Third, chances of the liver, other major organs and blood vessels being pressed upon by the weight of the uterus are reduced.

Try to practice sleeping on your left side with knees slightly bent and a soft pillow in between the knees.

3. Stress And Anxiety Can Interfere With Sleep

Normally, the pregnancy will come with lots of things for the expectant mother. For first time mothers, it can be an overwhelming period as they will always be in deep thoughts leading to stress and anxiety.

For instance, you could be worried about your ability to raise the child, your future, or the general health of the baby before and after birth. Worst is the anxiety and fear that comes with delivering the baby when the time comes. All these, when put together can disrupt your sleep patterns during the course of the pregnancy. Nonetheless, you can minimize the effects by staying calm, keeping yourself busy and being positive.

4. Pregnancy Dreams And Pregnancy Snores

Pregnancy comes with lots of physical and hormonal changes that will have an overall effect on your psychological and emotional state. Due to the hormonal activities, your brain's ability to process information and emotions will be impacted to some degree resulting into what experts' term as pregnancy dreams. Vivid dreams, nightmares, intense dreams, and frequent dreaming are some of the dreams you might experience.

On the other hand, you will find yourself snoring during the course of your pregnancy period. The snoring will be frequent from the second trimester onwards. Generally, it is as a result of pregnancy hormones which cause the mucous membrane to swell leading to nasal congestion. Keep in mind that if the snoring aggravates, seek medical attention. You can find out more about sleep problems such as snoring and insomnia at The Snore Whisperer.

5. Frequent Bathroom Visits

As the pregnancy grows, the number of bathroom visits especially at night will increase. This is as a result of the baby pushing down on the bladder. Such frequent bathroom visits can disrupt your sleep patterns. Consequently, to minimize the visits, try cutting down on your evening drinks. If it is necessary to drink, then do so a few hours before you hit the bed