6 Best Recommended Diets For Weight Loss

6 Best Recommended Diets For Weight Loss

Best recommended diets for weight loss

There are numerous numbers of diets which have been listed down as diets that can assist a person to lose those extra pounds. They may be recommended to be taken in days following a strict diet plan that is geared towards weight loss. This article will focus on the best-recommended diets for weight loss.

Best Recommended Diets For Weight Loss

The best-recommended diets for weight loss which are well known and have been incorporated in the weight loss programs by many people include.

Biggest Loser Diet

It involves having six weeks of eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. For any great start to weight loss exercises must be involved. Diet experts have established that the biggest loser diet has the capability to assist a person in the shedding of the extra pounds. The diet is suitable for the loss of this extra weight due to its strict calories reduction plan and exercise routine. An individual has to strictly stick to it. Out of a score of 5 of the best-recommended diets for weight loss, it has a score of 3.6.

Atkins Diet

This diet is suitable for weight loss for it involves burning of fat by minimizing carbohydrates and storing in fat/protein. Atkins diet assists in the fast loss of weight. In 2 a week’s time a person can lose up to 15 pounds. It leads to shedding much of the extra weight due to its diuretic effect which is brought about by its high water content. Given a score of 2.3 out of a total score of 5.

Weight Watchers Diet

The diet involves sticking to a point plan system when it comes ton the loss of weight by those people who want to shed that extra pound. The point plan schedule makes sure that its users only eat healthily and meals that fully satisfy them. The diet has led to perfect results such as shedding of up to a minimum of 2 pounds in a single week. Weight Watchers diet plan is among the highest and best-recommended diets for weight loss by most of the weight loss experts. This is due to the fact that the results realized from using this diet will be seen for long. This is made possible by strictly emphasizing on a diet that is balanced that does not come with any kind of restrictions. On top of that, it has an internal kind of support system. people who follow this diet do not shy to try out the best bikinis in town in the next summer. It is ranked as number 4 with an overall score of 3.9 out of a general score of 5.

The HMR Program

The diet when it comes to weight loss involves the use of alternative meals. For example, taking shakes, foods, nutrition bars and even hot cereal in stages. In order to ensure that the maximum amounts of pounds have been lost, doing a lot of physical exercises, taking a lot of vegetables and fruits, and relying on the advice of the coaching experts is very essential. The diet plan is very perfect when it comes to losing some pounds in the short-term. It highly entails keeping away from takeaway foods and avoiding already prepared meals. Ranked as number 18 and it takes a total score of 3.2 out of the total 5.

Eco-Atkins Diet

The best-recommended diet for weight loss when it comes to the vegetarians and vegans. The vegetables and plant meals they take provide them with the much required daily 31 percent calories, plant fats will give them the additional 43% calories, and carbohydrates provide the extra 26% calories. It has been used and shown that it can help an individual in the shedding of up to 2 pounds a week for some months especially in the first year of using the diet. The bad thing about Eco-Atkins diet is that it tends to be more of a restrictive diet this makes it so hard to stick to it for a period of two years. It also fails to avail a support system to its uses to ensure that they do not deviate from the plan. Ranked 25 and it is given an overall score of 2.9 out of 5.

Raw Food Diet

This diet plan entails taking food that has not been cooked, manufactured, put in a microwave, irradiated, genetically modified or been sprayed with pesticides/herbicides, for example, nuts and veggies. An individual benefits from such nutrition from the diet’s recommended diets as experts say. It also helps perfectly to reduce the intake of an individual’s calories in half. The diet is restrictive for it relies on weight loss through eating only raw foods. It is ranked 34 and has an overall score of 2.3 out of 5.

Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss involves the loss of 1,226 calories in the first day from morning to evening and cutting back on sugars and starches. In day two a total of 1,230 calories are lost by taking alternative meals. On the third day a total of 1,239 calories, on the fourth day 1,303 calories are lost. For the fifth day, 1,383 calories are shed, on the 6th day 1,358

Fat Loss Diet Plan for Female involves taking meals from breakfast to dinner that contains minimal calories and helps them avoid taking any extra proteins. The meals they take while losing weight involves more vegetables.

Meal Plan for Extreme Weight Loss will involve taking high-protein breakfasts, avoiding sugary drinks and juices made from juices, taking water half an hour before eating, stick to weight loss-friendly meals, eating soluble fibers, drinking coffee or tea, eating whole and unprocessed meals, taking your foods slowly, weighing yourself daily, and get a good sleep throughout the night.


Best recommended diets for weight loss will work best if you strictly stick to the diet’s plan while incorporating exercises. The diets to be used in the loss of the extra pounds should contain the minimum calories as much as possible so as to realize the results of the programs.