Reasons You Should Drink Carrot Juice

Reasons You Should Drink Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice Benefits For Cancer, Skin, Liver and More

It is beneficial for your health when you include multicolored fresh vegetables in your diet, say the nutritionists and even the elderly lot! Among the vegetables that are considered to offer multiple health benefits for humans, carrots deserve a special mention. These bright orange hued vegetables with a conical shape often feature in salad bowls and they are also used to make various veg and non-veg dishes. However, it is not mandatory that you have to eat raw or boiled forms of carrots. You may also drink carrot juice.

Why Drink Carrot Juice Instead of Solid Carrot?

It has been found that you can get more amounts of nutrients and antioxidants by drinking carrot juice compared to eating solid carrots. Besides, you can make carrot juice taste more delicious by mixing it with other fruits and vegetables like orange and apple. When you are about to leave home for work in the morning, gulping down a glass of carrot juice is easier and takes less time than munching on abowl of carrots and other vegetables!

Health Benefits You Can Obtain From Drinking Carrot Juice

Helps Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a killer disease and its many forms, claim thousands of lives globally. While there is no miracle cure, using specific foods can help you stave off cancer, studies have indicated. A number of studies have shown that carrot is one of the foods that can thwart the onset of cancer in the human body. Carrots have ¬cancer-busting chemicals, as was found by a Newcastle university study. There are examples of people coping with advanced cancer by in taking carrot juice.

A Source of Iron

Humans need an intake of various key minerals through food to stay healthy and one such mineral is iron. Without iron, people, especially women, tendto develop anemia. Its shortage can lead to decreased haemoglobin production and eventually the affected people suffer from weakness and irritability. Lack of iron can also be detrimental for pregnant women. Carrot juice contains a fair amount of iron. This explains the importance of drinking carrot juice during pregnancy.

A Source of Vitamin A

Carrot juice is enriched with beta carotene and supplies your body with a good amount of vitamin A. This vitamin is required for human body for several key physiological functions. It helps develop good eyesight and helps fight degenerative vision related syndromes to an extent.

carrot juice vitamin A

A Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is another important vitamin that is not found in too many foods. However, drinking carrot juice gives your body adequate amounts of this vitamin. It helps blood clotting functioning and also improves bone health.

A Source of Antioxidants

Carrots are rich in antioxidants and hence the benefits of drinking carrot juice daily are stupendous. Antioxidants help your body stave off free radical induced damages. Free radicals are present in the atmosphere and antioxidants can battle their onslaught on human health and body.

carrot juice antioxidants

A Source of Vitamin C

People usually look up to citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables as sources of natural Vitamin C. However, carrot juice also contains a fair amount of this vitamin required by the human body. Intake of vitamin C boosts the immune system and helps you stave off many infections.

A Source of Fibers

Ripe carrots are rich in fiber and in taking carrot juice loads your digestive tract with fibers that help clear constipation and boost the digestion process. As a result, toxins are eliminated faster from the body. This can also be helpful if you are trying to shed excess weight.

Cleanses the Liver

The liver is the human body’s largest organ. It plays a pivotal role in detoxifying the blood. Drinking carrot juice can help flush out toxins from the liver and boost its functions significantly.carrot juice liver clensing

Enhances Cardiac Health

People take a lot of measures and change their diet to enhance heart health nowadays. Including carrot juice in your diet can be beneficial when you want to give a boost to heart functionality. The dietary fiber in carrot juice and antioxidants keep your heart healthy by optimizing blood circulation and cleansing plaque from arteries.

Regulates Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

One of the benefits of drinking carrot juice at night is that it helps regulate cholesterol and controls blood sugar. The potassium present in carrot juice helps your body regulate cholesterol levels.

Significant Benefits for Skin

The benefits of drinking carrot juice in the morning are not limited only to the internal organs of the human body. Instead of spending a lot of money on skin treatments at a fancy salon or buying costly OTC anti ageing creams, you can drink carrot juice to improve skin health. People with nearly any skin type can benefit from drinking carrot juice. However, the benefits of drinking carrot juice for skin are more evident in people with sensitive and dry skin. Drinking this juice brings a glow to the skin and improves skin elasticity and texture noticeably. Apart from moisturizing the skin from within, carrot juice also helps fading scars and signs of ageing on the skin.

carrot juice healthy skin

Improves Dental Health

You resort to various methods like trying new toothpastes, brushes and mouthwash to improve dental health. A visit to dentists from time to time is also required. However, many people are oblivious to the fact that they can enhance dental health by eating carrots and drinking carrot juice. The minerals in carrot have proven antibacterial properties that help fight tooth decay causing bacteria as well.

Points to Keep in Mind

Drinking carrot juice should not be problematic for the majority of people. However, you should practice caution to evade a few pitfalls.

Those on a weight loss mission should watch the amount of carrot juice they drink per day. This is owing to the fact calories in carrot juice are higher than what you get in a cup of raw carrot. It also contains a high amount of sugar compared to other vegetable juices. You should make juice using fresh and organic carrots to be on the safe side.