Top 10 Food Habits to Prevent Cancer

Top 10 Food Habits to Prevent Cancer

Change your Eating Habits and Prevent Cancer

The most touted phrase about cancer is ‘It has no answer’. Now that may sound like a joke but the fact is that scientists are yet to find out the remedies for the deadliest disease. We know what causes cancer but that has led us to no cure for the disease robbing life of millions throughout the world every year. It is a silent killer and most of the cancers are diagnosed in the fourth stage when the patients’ days are numbered. Though technological advancement and modern-day treatment can now save hundreds of terminally ill cancer patients or at least prolong their life for a few years, the oncologists are to yet invent medicines/vaccines to cure the disease or at least prevent it.

However, several researchers have pointed out with enough proof that unhealthy lifestyle and food habits are strongly related to clawing and spread of the disease. Whereas the right food and healthy life style can reduce the risk of cancer to a significant extent, the opposite will damage your immune system. A poor immunity system ups the risk of cancer by manifolds. So, change your dietary chart and lifestyle to stave off cancer and lead a healthy life forever.

Eat Fresh Produce:

>Eat Fresh Produce Prevent Cancer

Thanks to online blogs and growing consciousness among people, organic foods are becoming more popular than ever. Have lots of fresh vegetables and fruits on your diet chart. Grain cereal is good at breakfast. Rely on salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc for pre-lunch and pre-dinner. Almonds, walnuts, fruits are very good for snacks. Research shows that fruit consumption prevents larynx and esophagus cancers whereas vegetables have a protective impact on the immunity system against stomach, bladder, ovary and pancreas cancer.

Eat More Fibre-Rich Food:

Fibre is a good agent to fight out cancer. All plant-based foods are fibre-rich and helps build up a strong digestive system. It cleanses our digestive system by eliminating cancer-causing elements. Brown rice is more fibre-rich than white rice and should be placed on your diet chart. Some fruits can be consumed with their skin on and it reduces the risk of cancer. Studies have proved that intake of fibre is inversely related to the risk of malignancy.

Have Green Tea:

Green tea being antioxidant rich is a good agent to cut down the risk of cancer. Replacing green tea with black tea will be a good step to prevent cancer.

Green Tea Prevent Cancer

Avoid Red Meat:

It could be a setback for the die-hard red meat crazies. Studies show that the risk of cancer is fifty percent lower in the vegetarians as compared to non-veg individuals. Milk and meat have no fibre and don’t provide you with any cancer-fighting agents. Moreover, both are rich in saturated fat that ups the risk of cancer. However, you don’t need to avoid them completely. Have 2/3rd of your plate filled with vegetables and fruits and the rest with dietary products and white meat. However, it is better to say no to red meats.

Avoid Processed Food:

Processed foods have low fat content. On the contrary, they contain dietary nitrosamines which increase the risk of cancer. Lean chicken or fish are better than processed foods like salamis or sausages.

Take Plenty of Antioxidants:

Take Plenty of Antioxidants Prevent Cancer

You should develop a strong immunity system to prevent cancer. Have more intake of antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E etc) and phytochemicals to bolster your immunity system. Tomatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, garlic, onions, grapes, broccoli, blueberries, chilli peppers, tofu etc rich in antioxidants.

Don’t Eat Mouldy Food:

These foods contain aflatoxin which is a powerful carcinogen. Taking them may cause you immediate hazard and add to cancer risk.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Accumulation of toxin in body increases cancer risk. Elimination of this harmful element from body will kill malignant cells, thereby preventing them from multiplying. Intake of more water removes toxin from body. Avoid sugary soft drinks like juices, colas etc as they boost up growth of cancerous cells.

Drink Plenty of Water Prevent Cancer

Preserve Nutrients While Cooking:

Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly and several times to eliminate pesticide residues. If possible, eat foods in their raw form. Use little water while boiling vegetables. Don’t over-heat oil as it makes the food carcinogenic.

Follow Healthy Cooking Habits:

Baking, boiling, steaming, broiling etc are far better ways of cooking than pan-frying, deep-frying or sautéing. You should store oil in a cool place so that it does not become rancid. Use high quality microwave-proof food containers instead of plastic as food contact with plastic is not considered good for health.

Healthy Cooking Habits Prevent Cancer

It is always wise to consult surgical oncologists even on the slightest doubt apart from sticking to healthy food habits in daily life. Here is how you can get in touch with the best surgical oncologists in Hyderabad.