Free Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Pune

Free Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Pune

Free Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Pune

Cancer has turned into a global epidemic in the recent few years. In the coming years, the probability of patients suffering from cancer is extremely high. It is needless to say that the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones are altered in a great way and for the worse. However, thanks to the advancement in modern science and technology, it is being possible to at least combat the disease to some extent and save the life of a patient for quite a few years. But, the expenses of cancer treatment are still very high and it is not possible for everyone to bear the expenses at a stretch for long periods of time.

In India, cancer treatment is done in almost all the cities and Pune is among them. Along with free cancer treatment hospitals in Pune, there are also many multi-specialty hospitals in the city where cancer treatment is done by some of the most renowned oncologists. Along with Pune, many states and cities now have hospitals and treatment centers where free cancer treatment in India is done under the guidance of eminent oncologists.

List Of Free Cancer Treatment Hospitals In Pune

As mentioned previously, there are some cancer treatment hospitals in Pune which offer free treatments to patients. Some prominent ones among them include

Prashanti Cancer Care Mission (PCCM)

It is one of the most well-known and popular cancer treatment centers in Pune. It is a registered, public charitable trust which was established by Dr. Chaitanyanand B. Koppiker. He is an internationally acclaimed and renowned breast onco-surgeon. Various kinds of free services are offered to cancer patients from PCCM. Major concessions are granted on various kinds of investigations, diagnostic tests, and radiology tests and so on. Freeship on all kinds of onco-surgeries are also offered at the center. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy as well as counseling to patients are also offered post any kind of onco-surgery without any extra charge. PCCM has taken a great step towards helping cancer patients in Pune.

Address: Prashanti Cancer Care Mission Flat No 1 & 2, Kapil Vastu (Near Ratna Memorial Hospital) Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411 016

Contact Number: 91 20 25656110

E-mail id:

Cipla Palliative Care & Training Center

Diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event for any individual. And once the disease is diagnosed, one cannot ignore the treatment of the same. It is obvious that carrying out cancer treatment is physically, emotionally, psychologically as well as financially draining. Cipla Palliative Care and Training Center understood this issue and extended their support to patients and their family members during such difficult times. This support is much needed along with the treatment and the medicines. The center was established in the year 1997 in Warje, Pune. Since then, the center has reached out to thousands of patients suffering from cancer with the care offered free of cost. Innumerable people have benefited from this center and leading happy and healthy lives.

Address: Cipla Palliative Care & Training Center Off Mumbai-Bangalore Bypass Road, Warje, Pune 411058 Maharashtra, India

Contact Number: 91 20 25231131/32


Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center

Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center is being carried out since 1994 under Ayurved Hospital & Research Project. Innumerable patients have been treated at the center. Along with Ayurvedic treatments for cancer, the center also offers cancer diagnostic facilities and modern cancer therapies including radiotherapy, chemotherapy as well as surgeries. Minimal charges are taken from patients for the treatments. This is one place where great financial help for cancer patients in Pune can be obtained without any kinds of problems. The center has received grants from the various government as well as non-government bodies so that they can keep on providing cancer treatments to more and more numbers of people in and around Pune as well as in other parts of the country if possible.

Address: Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center Vishwashantidham, Kesnand Road, Wagholi, Pune 412 207

Contact Number: 91 20 67346000, 91 9545508890


Indrayani Hospital Cancer Institute

Built-in assistance of Shri Narasimha Saraswati Medical Foundation, this Indrayani Hospital, and Cancer Institute looks forward to providing quality but affordable treatment to cancer patients all across Maharashtra including Pune. It is a well-known fact that the treatment of cancer is quite expensive and it is not possible for everyone to bear the expenses for long. And cancer patients have to undergo treatment lifelong. Understanding the confinements, the hospital and institute provide overall cancer treatment to patients without being confined by the fact if the patient can pay for it or not. Financial background of the patient is not any kind of hindrance for getting complete and overall cancer treatment at the hospital. Ever since the inception in 2003, the institute and hospital have catered to medical needs of thousands of cancer patients successfully. They are looking forward to expanding their horizon of work in the coming years.

Address: Indrayani Hospital & Cancer Institute Shree Narasimha Saraswati Medical Foundation Alandi-Chakan Road, Alandi Devachi, Tal – Khed, District – Pune, 412105

Contact Number: 91 7020111430, 91 8805442020, 91 9922947196


M. N. Budhrani Cancer Institute

Though there is no proper government cancer hospital in Pune, there are many hospitals and institutes which offer standardized and affordable cancer treatment to patients. One such place in Pune is M. N. Budhrani Cancer Institute. The institute is an integral part of Sadhu Vaswani Mission Complex in Pune. Founded in the year 1995, the main mission with which the institute works is providing excellent and affordable treatment facilities to people suffering from different kinds of cancer. It has been seen that the availability of this cancer institute has helped in reducing efforts and traveling time of many patients, who used to travel to other cities for treatment.

Address: M. N Budhrani Cancer Institute 1st Lane, 7-9, Koregaon Park, Pune 411 001

Contact Number: 020-6609 9999, 020-6609 9719

Though all the hospitals and treatment centres listed above offer free treatment to a limited extent on some checkups and treatments.

Note - We have listed free cancer treatment hospitals in Pune based on several sources. Please contact the hospital before you make a consultation with them.


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