Cosmetic Surgeries Covered By Insurance

Cosmetic Surgeries Covered By Insurance

Cosmetic surgeries covered by insurance

Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful and attractive at any cost. People now days can go to any limit for having a beautiful face and figure. For this, they adapt to go for cosmetic surgeries. But these cosmetic surgeries are very costly that one has to think before going with it. Now there are many health insurance companies which provide the funds for the various cosmetic surgeries. But it is mandatory to know that which cosmetic surgeries have been covered by insurance and one should read all the term and condition related to funding for the surgeries.

There are even many private health insurances that cover cosmetic surgery like BUPA, Apollo Munich health insurance, Medibank etc. These private insurance companies also take part in plastic surgery insurance as a fund provider, but they will not provide free plastic surgery. They can make the billing amount reduced, but today till now no as such Health Insurance Company is present which provides you to get free plastic surgery.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is the type of surgery in which the body is re-shaped and thus there is a change in the appearance of the person. This surgical procedure can be done at any part of the body and changes can be done in the position, structure, texture, and color at any part. For many people, these surgeries work like a miracle and are permanent. But for many people, these surgeries are very disastrous as it totally changes the look of the person which even does not suit on them.

There are even some non-surgical cosmetic treatments are present which only done for the change in the body tissue and no surgery is required.

Reconstructive Surgery:- The aim of this type of surgery is to provide a proper functioning of the body parts by giving a normal appearance to the person which was previously damaged by any incident happened or any congenital abnormality present since birth. This surgery provides the self-confidence to the person to appear in the society.

Plastic Surgery:- It is a type of reconstructive surgery which includes the reconstruction, restoration and any alteration in the body parts. This surgery is mostly done in the face and on burn area surface.

Technique And Procedures In Cosmetic Surgery

There are many technique and procedures are present in cosmetic surgery which makes one’s good appearance. These are:-

  • Liposuction (Lipoplasty):- Liposuction this procedure, the removal of fat is done by making a small incision on the body from where suction is done.

  • Augmentation:- This procedure involves an increase in the size of the body part. Example- breast.

  • Body Contouring:- This procedure involves the toning of the body by removing the loose fat and tightening the skin.

  • Reshape:- This procedure involves the change in the body appearance by reconstructing or removal of any bones or any cartilage.

  • Dermabrasion:- This procedure involves the scraping of the skin layer and putting that layer on any another body part.

These are the surgical procedure which is done under the cosmetic surgery. If any person is undergoing to any of this surgery then one can claim for the funds for the cosmetic surgery covered by an insurance provider. But before he/she should read all term and condition before applying.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery

This type of procedure involves the treatment without any surgery. These are as:-

  • Botox (Botulinum toxin injection):- In this procedure, the injection is given in the facial muscles which result as the decrease in the wrinkles present on the face.

  • Dermal Fillers:- This procedure is also done for reducing the wrinkles appeared on the face. This procedure includes the collagen which is taken from human skin and cow skin. But this works for only 2-4 months.

  • Chemical Peels:- This procedure is done to remove the outer layer of the dermis of the skin by injecting the various chemical solution which includes phenol, trichloroacetic and alpha-hydroxy acid.

Cosmetic Surgery Covered By Insurance

Today cosmetic surgery is now very common. Almost more than 50% of the population has gone for various cosmetic surgeries to look beautiful and attractive. But these surgeries are very costly which one person cannot afford it. If the cosmetic surgery is advised to a person for the proper function of the body so that one can do there day to day life normally than there are many private health insurances that cover the cosmetic surgery. This plastic surgery insurance provides funds for their surgery if they are not able to cover the cost of their surgery. But still now one cannot get plastic surgery for free, as this insurance provider helps by lowering the cost of surgery so that one can get a surgery done.

Not all cosmetic surgery is covered by the insurance provider. They are only few which include the person to perform their daily activity or which are under traumatic or congenital or which are considered as a medical necessity. But before going for surgery all the term and condition and various plans should be gone thoroughly which is provided by the company.

List of Surgeries Covered by Insurance Are

Breast Augmentation or Enlargement:- This type of surgery is done for the woman’s who have any physical changes in the appearance of the breast. For example,

  • A woman who has breasts size abnormal means one breast is small another is large.
  • A woman who has too small breast.
  • A woman whose breast is changed after pregnancy or after breastfeeding.
  • A woman whose one breast is absent as a result of cancer of breast it is removed.
  • A woman whose breast size is too large which creates physical discomfort.

Breast reduction in males, a man who suffers from gynecomastia, there is the removal of excess of mammary tissue by liposuction is done and is also covered by cosmetic surgery insurance.

Upper Eye Lid Surgery:- This type of surgery involves the medical condition in which the patient is not able to see properly through the eyes due to a dropping of eyelids and the doctor has diagnosed with the condition and advised to go for blepharoplasty. This condition is being covered by insurance providers as it is medically necessary for the person for their performing daily activity. Through this cosmetic surgery, one can be able to see properly.

Weight Loss Surgery:- This type of surgery is also covered by insurance if the person weight is overweighted due to which there is a risk of having diseases or the person who already suffered from the diseases caused due to overweight. To perform this cosmetic surgery it is required to calculate their BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) which should be more than the normal range. If this obesity is hampering daily activity than the cosmetic surgery which includes gastric sleeves, lap gastric bands and gastric bypass is performed and these surgeries have been covered by insurance.

Rhinoplasty:- This type of surgery is performed on those patients whose nose has becomes one of the medical necessity as it involves the condition which includes de-arrangement of the nose appearance which makes the breathing difficult (DNS- deviated nasal septum). In this surgery, the re-shape of the nose appearance is done which also include re-shape of the nose tip and bony hump at the upper part of the nose. This type of surgery is performed from inside the nose by making a small incision. But doctors advised not to perform this surgery below the age of 15 as there bone and cartilage is not fully developed.

Otoplasty:- This surgery is performed on the ear. It includes the re-shape of the ear, ear pinna, which is caused due to any mis-happen under surgical pinning on ear pinna. This surgery also includes the suturing of the ear pinna to the close of the head, reshape of any ear bone.

Gender Reassignment Surgery:- This type of surgery includes mastectomies and other reconstructive surgeries which include vaginectomy or phalloplasty. For these surgeries not all insurance company provides funds, only a few companies involve this type of surgery. This surgery helps in improving the self-confidence and also mental health in the transgender people.

Botox:- This treatment comes in non-surgical cosmetic treatment which involves the injection of botulinum toxin in the face muscles. This treatment is given to the patient who suffers from a migraine. As migraine pain when occur it hampers daily activity and the patient headache goes to the worse condition. With the help of this botox when injected on muscles it blocks the signals from the nerve to the muscles and thus releases the contraction of the muscles and relaxation occurs. With this, it is also used to treat the condition called hyperhidrosis of the armpits. This condition is also covered by insurance.

Skin Grafting:- This type of cosmetic surgery is performed on the patient whose skin is damaged due to burn. As a result, their skin contraction occurs and in some patients, the upper layer of skin is totally damaged. This type of surgery is also covered by many of the insurance company.

Today many of the woman’s has undergone for the cosmetic surgeries. If the ratio is compared with men than the woman’s ratio is more. These surgeries are not only common in out of India but also it becomes common in India too. But still, in India, there are many people who are still not able to go through these surgeries as a medically necessary due to lack of money. To solve this problem there are many private health insurances that cover the cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is also coming under health insurance and there are many plastic surgery insurance providers which helps for surgery for the person who actually needs it. But these companies will not make you get plastic surgery for free; they can minimize the amount by paying either doctor’s fee or by paying the theatre fees. It is advised for the person if they want to go for any of the cosmetic surgery, they should consult the doctor first because many surgeries have brought some wrong results on the person which has made them live with it. Only it is advised to go for cosmetic surgery if it is medically required, and necessary for your life.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad