8 Common Foods That Cause Allergies

8 Common Foods That Cause Allergies

Common foods that cause allergies

Allergies from foods are rampant in most People; they tend to affect most of the adults and children as well. The number of food substances that can lead to food allergies is up to eight kinds of food. This article will basically focus on the common foods that cause allergies, their symptoms, and how to deal with them.

What Is A Food Allergy?

A food allergy can be defined as a condition which occurs to a person whenever they eat some foods. These types of foods affect them in such a way that their immune responses deviate from the norm and become abnormal in nature. This is when a person’s immune system identifies the proteins in some of these allergy-causing foods as dangerous to the body. When this happens, a chemical known as Histamine is released as a protective measure by the body. This may lead to inflammation which is termed as an Allergy.

Common foods that cause allergies can lead to massive allergic reactions to those persons who have food allergies. This is the case even when they are exposed to the tiniest amounts of the common foods that cause allergies.

Common Foods That Cause Allergies In Adults

Common foods that cause allergies in adults have symptoms such as the tongue, mouth, and face being swollen, having difficulties breathing, suffering from low blood pressure, suffering from vomiting, having diarrhea, being affected by skin hives, and itchy rashes. These symptoms crop up in a matter of minutes after being exposed to these common foods that cause allergies to hours later.

When the case is extreme, common foods that cause allergies can lead to suffering from Anaphylaxis. Of the listed symptoms from food allergies, having itchy rashes, the throat or tongue swelling, having a short breath, and low blood pressure levels. When they become deadly they are able to become life-threatening. The common foods that cause allergies and are well-known include

Milk From The cows

The cow’s milk protein is what causes the milk allergy to adults. This type of food allergy is both common and possible to happen in two cases of IgE and non-IgE. Allergies from cow milk are considered to be on top of the list of the most dangerous foods allergies. They lead to being swollen, having rashes and hives, vomiting, and even suffering from the extreme case of anaphylaxis.

Poultry Eggs

While suffering from eggs allergy, a person is bound to experience symptoms such as having digestive issues like stomach pain, having skin hives and rashes, having breathing issues, and sometimes suffering from anaphylaxis. This allergy is caused by the protein which is found in the egg whites.

poultry eggs - common foods that cause allergies

Nuts or Tree Nuts

These nuts from certain trees can cause an allergy to any person who eats them. They affect most of the people in the United States. These nuts include the Brazil nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, Macadamia nuts, Pistachios, Pine nuts, and Walnuts. Basically, eating of any substance that contains nuts by people who suffer from tree nut allergies will cause it to them. Nuts are known to cause many of the anaphylaxis-linked deaths.


They happen to many people and may lead to life-threatening reactions. It affects mostly those people who have a history of peanut allergies.

peanuts - common foods that cause allergies


This allergy mainly occurs when the body starts to attack the proteins in the fish family. The known examples of shellfish which will lead to this kind of food allergy include shrimp, prawns, crayfish, lobster, squid, and scallops. The allergy from eating shellfish is caused by the protein known as tropomyosin.

Shelfish - common foods that cause allergies


The allergic response by the body to wheat is due to the proteins it contains. It has symptoms like having digestive problems, rashes, swelling, and even suffering from anaphylaxis.

Wheat - common foods that cause allergies


This food’s allergy is caused by the proteins in it. It leads to a person suffering from itchy, a tingling mouth, rashes, asthma, having breathing problems, and having a runny nose.

Soy - common foods that cause food allergies


The allergies from eating fish are rampant in most people. An allergy from eating fish can turn to be life-threatening. Manifests itself through vomiting, diarrhea, and in some cases, it may lead to anaphylaxis.

Common Foods That Cause Allergies In Babies

For all the foods that are known to lead to allergies even to the adults, it is highly advisable to wait for the baby to be older to try them on them. This is as from the 3rd year. The pediatrician should be consulted on the unsure options.

The common foods that are known to cause allergies to babies will include milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts mostly the walnuts and the almonds, shellfish, soy foods, and wheat-containing foods. If a certain food is causing allergies to a baby the following symptoms will be evident; having hives or welts, suffering from flushed skin/rashes, having swollen face, tongue and lips, suffering from vomiting/diarrhoea, coughing or wheezing, having breathing problems, and at times the baby losing consciousness. The symptoms may appear immediately after an allergy-causing food is eaten to hours later. Foods that cause sinus allergies include refined sugars, spicy foods, milk, tomatoes, wine/other alcohols, red meat, and pizza.


Some individuals may have allergic reactions to some kinds of foods which are so uncomfortable when dealing with them. They may not turn out to be life-threatening whenever dealt with eventually. It has been identified from studies that allergies tend to happen within a span of minutes to hours once a certain allergy-causing food has been taken by a person.

The best and well-known way to deal with allergies from common foods that cause allergies is just to stay away with taking them. Alternatively, a person can stick to cooking methods that make them less effective to cause the allergies to you.